Friday, 5 August 2011

Bon Japan @ Orchard Central

Last Sunday, I headed over to Orchard Central after catching Captain America with some of my friends!

Seriously, GO WATCH IT!!! It's awesome!!!

And seriously way better than Thor!
I felt Thor was pretty disappointing maybe cos many of my friends told me how good the movie was before I watched it and I left the cinema kinda disappointed.

But Captain America is AWESOME!!!

I can't wait for next May for The Avengers Movie!!!

Ok. So back to Orchard Central.

We headed over to Cindy's new shop outlet for Bon Japan which is located at Level 6 of Orchard Central!

Just spot the Huge Rilakkuma and Elmo outside the shop and you won't go wrong!

So cute right? The Elmo in Bathing Ape Sweater!

And there was Danny challenging Rilakkuma at the door. =P

Welcome by another Elmo by the television showing Rilakkuma cartoon


Some Japan imported food and drinks

Toys, Figurines and...


OMG! Heavens!!!

Cindy and her favourite Rilakkuma? Hahaha~

Photo with Cindy and my new fluffy Rilakkuma!

Not only did I buy the Rilakkuma, I got this maccha cake which I have yet to eat. Gonna wait for uncle Xiang Min to come back from KL and share with him! Heehee~

Shin-chan Caramel Pudding Chocolate I bought for my twin, Li Jin!

And yes! Here's me with my new fluffy Rilakkuma!!!


XOXO Tsuriki & Rilakkuma

NOTE: This is NOT an advertorial okay~ *^-^*

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