Saturday, 6 August 2011

K-Palette Event @ Fika Swedish Café & Bistro

Hi everyone!

Ok~ I'm guilty AGAIN! I'm Sorrrrry~!!!

One the 10th of July, Himeko and I went for the K-Palette Event at Fika Swedish Café &Bistro. The nice cafe is somewhere near Haji Lane, great place to stop for some food while shopping around the area!

And yes! I was super excitied as the event was for K-Palette which is one of my all-time favourite brands especially their waterproof deep black eyeliner! I have been using it for a few months already ever since my previous eyeliner was used up!

And of course I was wearing the K-Palette Waterproof Deep Black eyeliner in all my photos for the past few months! Not any other brand oh~!

Ok~ I seriously feel that it's time to come up with a superstar-like signature for myself.
My signature looks so... Primary school-ish~


Huge K-Palette banner and boards around the event area! Heehee~

K-Palette products and Awards won!
See! They're AWESOME!!!

We had a live demo by Japanese Makeup Artist Sawako Shiratoriさん!

The Pro's Tools!!!

Shiratoriさん demo-ed 2 different styles of makeup with K-Palette's range of products
for Kakkoi style and Kawaii style!

Kakkoii style (Left) & Kawaii style (Right)

Shiratoriさん actually used the K-Palette's waterproof Deep Brown eyeliner for Kawaii style instead of Deep Black for a softer, femine look.

And of course! We're already at Fika Swedish Café & Bistro...

FOOD!!! Menu of the day!!! Muahahahaha~~~!!!!

Green Tea

My Namae(Name in Japanese) Mashmallow with the 'Ki' missing!!!

Cream of Mushroom!!!

Ok~ I did not take photo for the Chicken and Fish Himeko and I had for our main dish.
But in short, OISHII!!!!

A photo with Jiayi before leaving!

Sadded, Jiaqi left early for the NewPaper New Face Search so I didn't have the chance to take photo with her. =(

Himeko and I were SUPER happy and shocked to receive SO MANY K-Palette products!!! OMG!

My K-Palette LOVE!!!

*Photo above is 2 people's share*


Check out K-Palette's Website & Facebook Page for more info and news!


  1. waaaahh what lens r u wearing Tsuriki?! sooo blueee n pretty <3 i've been looking for that circle lens for awhile!!

  2. awh your lenses are so cute and i adore your top!! <3 and always, love freebies! have a great weekend pretty gal!

  3. Who Am I? へ
    I was wearing AngelColor Edge Bluethat day! =)

  4. Omg! Tsuriki! Your lenses are so chio! ^.^ can u tell me where buy your lenses from? :D i wish to own one too ):



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