Friday, 12 August 2011


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Hello everybody!

Today I'm gonna share a health supplement drink with every girl, every lady reading this post right now!
But of course, even you're a guy, read this post! You can get this drink for your girlfriend!
She'll know how sweet you are~ Heehee!

And this drink I'm talking about is the ChocoMarvel!

So what is ChocoMarvel?

ChocoMarvel is a health supplement drink that would helps regulate menstruation, relieve discomfort and modulates emotions and moodiness by maintaining hormone levels which would reduce irritability and depression! Great for girls like me who get serious mood swings and discomfort whenever Little Miss Red comes knocking at my door.

Not only that! ChocoMarvel helps replenish iron loss during menstruation, too! See! I told you it's a health supplement drink!

On top of that, ChocoMarvel also helps increase energy and relieves fatigue AND helps improves facial complexion! See how amazing ONE drink can get?! Lol~

You can check out more on ChocoMarvel and it's greatness here or on their FB Page

Ingredients list and remember! You should consult healthcare practitioner if you're nursing or pregnant before consuming ChocoMarvel!

So now! Tasting time!!!

Many people could be worried that health supplement drink taste awful and I have to say that I'm one of those people.

Pour one sachet of ChocoMarvel into a mug
*And yea me! I love my Yui mug!!!*

*Ahem* Look where you're pouring.
Don't like me, wanna snap photos into the end made such a mess on my photography-use board.

ChocoMarvel Powder~! Doesn't it reminds of you milo?

Add 150ml of hot water and stir well!

NOTE: It's is NOT recommended to mix ChocoMarvel with cold water as drinking cold beverages when menstruating might cause our uterus to contract and blood clotting which increase the probability of cramps and discomfort.

So yes! Let's drink it hot and warm!


Taste-wise, it actually is pretty not bad! It taste like milo just that it's not sweetened. So it's like drink hot chocolate without the sweet factor.

Effect-wise, I did feel much better after drinking my cup of ChocoMarvel. To be honest, I purposely waited for my period to begin before I tried the ChocoMarvel. It does help in relieving discomfort!

So yes! Worth buying! Plus! It isn't expensive!

For just $19.90, you get 8 sachets of ChocoMarvel per box!

Now here's your chance to win not one sachet of ChocoMarvel, but ONE BOX of ChocoMarvel!

I have a total of 5 boxes waiting to be given out!
Which means I'm not only picking one, but FIVE LUCKY READERS!!!

Step 1: LIKE ChocoMarvel on their FB Page @

Step 2: LIKE my FB Page

Step 3: Email me at with your email subject as "ChocoMarvel Giveaway" with your Name, FB Profile/Name and tell me Why do you wanna try ChocoMarvel!

*Open to Singapore only*

Giveaway Deadline: Friday, 19 August 2011.

All the best everyone! I'm waiting for your emails!

You can always redeem a free sample at this following URL!

Stay pretty, healthy and full of energy everyone!


  1. I'm feeling sad since this is open to Singapore only. ; u ;

  2. mimi.へ
    So sorry about it but since it's considered food item, some countries may have restriction and stuff. ='(

  3. Hey, had just posted about it. Do you follow this blog?!
    Oh, I loved your K-ON mug!!

  4. wahhhhh i love your yui mug tooo me want oneee >u<



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