Tuesday, 30 August 2011



Earlier this month, I headed over to Cawaii Koohii with my friends as Sok Hiang wanted to experience dinning at a maid cafe.

Tada! So there we were with my girlfriend Sok Hiang posing at the sign outside the cafe.

Outside the cafe

Near the entrance

Their tables

Camwhoring away while waiting for our dear xiao di Lue Song to arrive, AS USUAL.

And AS USUAL, he's camwhoring away on his iPhone ever since he arrived.

Seriously, my friends we all got so irritated of him literally flooding our Facebook new feed with all his camwhore photos, we actually did a petition against him camwhoring!

My Mojito Lychee Soda

Sok Hiang's Mango Coke

Sok Hiang and I camwhoring while waiting for food to be served!

Us with our drinks!

When you wish upon a star~

We ordered only finger food as we weren't very hungry

Trying to capture the right angle

He really went ALL THE WAY~ Lol

Nom Nom



Lue Song's New York Cheesecake


After dinning at the maid cafe, we went to McDonalds as Wendy wanted to get the Hello Kitty watch so yes...

All of us ate Happy Meal!

Nuggets nuggets!!!

Here's a random video we took at Mc!

Ok.. I realised that there isn't a proper photo showing the whole of Lue Song's face in the post so here it is

TADA!!! Lol~

And that guy went back to Whatsapp-ing non-stop again...
*Tune out*

That's all for this post!
Hope you had a laugh watching the random video! ^-^

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