Wednesday, 17 August 2011



Ever wondered which blogshop you can get really afforadable accessories?

Here's one!


Smiley Face Diamond Ring @ $4.50 Only

Ribbon Ring @ $3.50 Only

Criss-Love Necklace @ $5.50 Only

Not only does sells accessories like rings and necklaces, they sells hats and shades, too!!!

SNSD Hat with Gold Strap @ $8.50 Only

Fashionable Black Sunglasses @ $6.50 Only

Now here's a great deal for all of you!

Quote Tsuriki & get $1 for every $10 orders

Plus! Free gifts would be given for the first 10 customers

Not only that!
As some accessories are newly launched, 10% discount will be given for the first 5 customers who quotes Tsuriki!

In short, with every $10 orders, customer only need to pay $8 with free gift given.

What can be better than this?!
Shop on now!!!


  1. awe I love your selcas, what camera are you using Tsuriki?

  2. Lina Kim ♥へ
    Thank you! I'm using an Olympus E-PL1. =)

  3. wow~ nice items~!!♥ i will buy soon ;)
    well... check ur popu-store email, i sent u an email, please reply ^^

  4. aww, simple eyemake makes you look cute :3 what eyelash you use in those photos?

  5. Maiiへ
    I edited those lashes myself with 3 different designs on lashes a blogshop sponsored me.

  6. umm I have a question..since this shop is open in term of ...why is that i cant follow em...u kno just like how i follow ur blog? srry if this is a stupid question ;o

  7. Who Am I?へ
    Hmm... I guess cos the blogshop owner did not add the application.

  8. I like this type of design, a diamond in the center. It looks so heavy and its type of pattern is also looking so pretty.



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