Sunday, 14 August 2011



Hi everyone!

Today I'm gonna share with all of you this blogshop where you can get false lashes at a really reasonable price!


I chose 3 boxes of lashes and here they are!

Model #5

It's really natural looking but yet long at the same time!
Great for everyday wear even for work!

Model #7 (Patisserie-Carato's Best Seller!)

Dramatic to give an enlarging effect, creating big dolly eyes!
I just love using this type of lashes specially at the ends to give a slight wing!

Model #10

Lashes in between natural and dramatic looking!

And yeah! Each boxes of lashes comes with 2 tubes of black lash glue!

For just $15 per box of 10 pairs of lashes with 2 tubes of glue?!
Isn't this is super great deal?!

Ok. Many people have been asking me what lashes have I been wearing recently and frankly, many lashes are edited by myself to the length and design, giving a certain effect I like and want to achieve to match my different styles I go for every different day!

So now, I'm gonna show you what can you do with these 3 models of lashes that Patisserie-Carato sponsored me!

So using 1 pair of model #5 + model #10 and one piece of model #7, I edited them into this!

I used model #5 as the base lash, half of model #10 of each side in the centre of each lash and #7 (cut into half) as the end to create the enlarging wing effect!

And here's how it looks like worn!

How? Can pass of as some Japanese brand's lash right? Heehee~

So like I said earlier, each box of lashes at Patisserie-Carato is onlyt $15 for a box of 10 pairs + 2 tubes of lash glue!

Wait! There's more!

For my readers, you're gonna get a special promo dicount of $2 off your total bill!

All you have to do is to quote "Tsuriki" and get $2 off your total bill!!

Ok~ A camwhore photo of me with my Rilakkuma birthday card that my girlfriend gave me! Love~!

Now beautify your eyes with false lashes now!


  1. Wow, they all look very pretty, especially the fuller ones! And you have really nice ayes ^^

  2. It´s really beautiful! I would know how to aply this!

  3. You're so creative! How do you stick all the different lashes together to form ONE lash?? I always stick the parts I want individually & that takes forever to complete plus the lashes look weird sometimes. Nice post :)

  4. wow all the eyelashes are beautiful!! i would like to try them to.



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