Friday, 19 August 2011

Floral X Polka ♥♥♥

Hi everyone!

I'm totally in love with my new nail design and yes! I'm gonna show you soon, finally, on my blog! Heehee~

Last week, after meeting Himeko for lunch at Lot1, we headed over to JNail together, again, where my dear Himeko accompanied me to get my nails done, again!

Super sad as my the nail of my right index finger broke ='(

See! My dear Himeko just sat there without any complains and wait for me!
*HUGS* I love her!!!

Trying my best to camwhore with my left hand while Jess extended the nail for my broken nail

And after snapping like 5 photos...

OMG! My nail was nicely extended!!!
Will you even know that it's extended if I didn't mention earlier?

Plus! It was SUPER FAST!!!!!

This time round, Jess was palying Taiwanese Idol Drama 醉后决定爱上你 instead of concert DVDs!

And yes, thanks to her, I got hooked up this drama and have completed the whole series! OMG~ It's super funny!!!

Although I didn't really like that Rainie 杨丞琳 was practically crying every single episode of the show! Nooooo~

And NOW for my nail design!!!

TADA!!! Super pretty right?!
Every single rose were hand-painted by Jess oh!!!

I love this design so so much! And guess what? It's gonna match the Yukata I'm gonna wear at Natsu Matsuri this Saturday (or rather tomorrow)! Heehee~

After getting my nails done, Himeko and I headed to a McDonalds near my house for late dinner!

Himeko enjoying her corn while Facebook-ing away...
*I felt left out*

JUST KIDDING! We were having a good laugh that night.
Ok. Like which time we don't? Heehee~ =D

And of course, camwhore more with my new nails!!!

Noticed this little boy STARING at me at the corner of my eye when I was camwhoring away.

Ah boy ar~ Your parents never tell you before that it's RUDE to stare meh?

By the way, I took this photo above on purpose to have the little boy in it. *Evil laughter*

This set of gelish nails is only $59! Super affordable!!!
Shiny shiny nails for 3 weeks~ Lalalalala~~~

Me happy happy!

Check out now!!!


  1. Is the nail design from a magazine of ur idea? It so pretty

  2. Hi Tsuriki, is the nail design your idea or you choose from a magazine ? It's so pretty

  3. Sabrinaへ
    I chose that design from the Nail Max magazine. =)



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