Monday, 29 August 2011

♥ My Skincare Routine ♥

Hi everyone!

Okay~ I've been wanting to do a post for my skincare routine for a very long time already and prepared this post like last month?!

So I'm sorry but yes the photos were taken last month on a random night when I was doing my skincare at night.

Step One: Cleanse
Okay~ I didn't take photo of me with the product I use alright.
I was using Hada Labo Hydrating Facial Wash then but haven switched to Aqua Label's Whitening Clay Wash recently as I've used up my Hada Labo one and was not able to get a new tube in time.

But still, the Aqua Label one is still good, too! If you are someone who goes for whitening stuff, the Aqua Label Whitening Clay Wash would be a good choice! I really did feel and see my face much brighter after the very first wash!

Step Two: Tone

Im using Hada Labo's Hydrating Lotion (not in photo above) and Hada Labo's Lifting + Firming Lotion (as shown in photo above). Most of the time I'll be using this Lifting + Firming Lotion. I only use the normal Hydrating Lotion if I'm gonna put makeup.

Well, why?

Well, simplay because I still have like 1/4 a bottle of the Hydrating Lotion and I do not wish to let it rot one corner cos it's still awesome! So I'll just use it like before makeup until I've finished the whole bottle then only do I just stick to my Lifting + Firming Lotion for all.

EDIT: Sorry everyone. I missed out my LMS Spotlight treatment when doing this post. But usually if I am to put on facial mask, I'll skip my LMS treatment. I'll do the LMS treatment for the rest of the week for days which I'm not putting on facial mask.
Step Three: Facial Mask (Once / Twice a Week)

I was and am still using facial mask from SexyLook and so far, their masks are my favourite!!! HUGE LOVES!!!

I love the masks cos they really lifts and firm at the same time!
♥♥♥ V-FACE!!! ♥♥♥

Gonna stock up more as I've almost finished them all!

Step Four: Eye Cream

I've been using Garnier's Brightening Eye Roll-On for the day and Aqua Label's Moist Essence HA at night ever since last year.

I use the Garnier's for the day when I wake up to help brighten my eyes cos they would help to make my eyes look less sleepy and full of energy!

As for the Aqua Label's, I used it at night for the repair and prevent effect. Prevent wrinkles!!! Cos I rub my eyes alot, I really need to take care of my eyes waaaaay more!
Especially for people like me who use falsies really often, eye cream and stuff is SUPER IMPORTANT!!!

Step Five: Moisturise

I'm using Hada Labo's Hydrating Milk! Gentle but yet very moisturising!

Well, I'm a HUGE fan of Hada Labo and have been using their products ever since June in 2010? So yup! It's been more than a year and I'm still loving it!!!


Step Six: Lip Care

Lip care is really important! You don't wanna have dry and cracked lips right? Imagine your skin super good but your lips are cracked?

OMG~ Like.. Who's gonna wanna kiss you?!

So yes! Lip care IS as IMPORTANT as SKINCARE!

Step Seven: Body Lotion

Ok~ This isn't really supposed to be in here but oh well! Your body is covered with skin, too, so including it into SKIN care routine should be fine right?

Even though I do not sleep in air-conditioned room, I do apply body lotion, too, to keep my skin nice and smooth and soft and (hopefully) silky!

Heehee~ Random camwhore photo of me
Pretty pretty me~

Ok. Shameless moment.

So that's all for now!
I'll be blogging more on the other skincare products I bought recently and stuff (hopefully) soon!

Stay pretty everyone!


  1. would you do a blogpost on your makeup collection too? that would be awesome! :)

  2. waaah your skin is already so flawless! I loove how you take extra care and put a lot of effort to keep it your skin healthy ^^ feel like I'd want to try some skincare product from Hada L. thanks for the post =D

  3. Can you do a tutorial on your hairstyle for the last pic?

  4. Anonymousへ
    Hi! The last photo was taken 2 weeks ago at the Fuwarie event in which I will blog on on a later date. =)

  5. u look so pretty with ur side braided hair

  6. where did u buy the SexyLook mask ?

  7. shiweiへ
    I bought mine online. You can get them from SASA or selected Guardians outlets. =)

  8. You used wonderful products that is for good skin care regimen. Nice!

  9. The blog was absolutely fantastic! Lots of great information and inspiration, both of which we all need!



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