Friday, 29 July 2011

Simple Nails @ J♥Nail!

Hi everyone!

As you should know if you're following my twitter or on my fb page, I broke my nails before and after my short holiday trip and yes even got my wallet stolen during the trip.

Oh man~ I shall not blame anyone for the loss of my wallet but myself.
But still, I wish that the person who stole my wallet will get his/her karma.
I know he/she will! HUMP!

So back to my nails, here's a photo of my horrible nails with 2 broken

Sad right?!

So last Thursday, I headed down to J♥Nail to get my nails fixed and also a new design, too, at the same time!

First was to soak off my previous gelish

Monster です。(笑)

And as I was getting my nails done, someone was being very evil

Yes Himeko!

She accompanied me down to J♥Nail to get my nails done and was tempting me with food in which she refused to give me reason being that I was getting my nails done.

So bad right???

But then again, she did give me food... Some food...

Tada! Right hand so-called done!

Chose a simple design this time round! Nice right?

I know you want pretty pretty nails like mine!

All you have to pay for this design is only $49 with the Gelish nails promo!

Check out J♥Nail's promo pricing!!!

Call Jess to get your appointment made now!

*Photos of this post were taken my Himeko's Canon G12.*
*Only the last photo was taken by my Olympus E-PL1*


  1. Love the nail design you chose. It's simple, yet very sweet. Love the blue and pink combi. Totally kawaii!

  2. is that priscilla wig #13 that ur wearing?! omg u look good in it w.o da hat ><



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