Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New YouTube Channel + DragonNest Open Beta

Hi everyone!

Here's a short post before sharing with you my new nails and hair colour!
But first! Himeko and I started a new channel together and here's our introduction video!

This new channel will be filled with random stuff and videos that we make.
So instead of uploading those random videos into our individual channels, we decided to just have one special channel for them!

Hope that you will enjoy our videos and of course, please subscribe!
And of course, subscribe to my individual channel, too!

DragonNest SEA Open Beta is now open! Today!!!

I'm gonna go back to playing soon!
Can't wait~! Heehee!!!

Okay~ That's all for now!

Will be back blogging again soon and evryone, do wish me all the best for my performance this Saturday! It's been a long time since I last performed with my friends of Ardorythmatics!

So for everyone that's going to Natsu Matsuri this Saturday, heehee... Support me!!!! =)


  1. Hi,i download the game,and i tried playing but it said there's an error about troubleshooting,and i cant find any help on the site. Do you encounter this problem?

  2. Cassandraへ
    I've never experience such error before.
    How about restarting the game? Does it help?
    If it doesn't work maybe you can try posting your questions and error on DN's FB page? Their admin reply pretty fast.

  3. what lashes were you wearing in the pic?



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