Monday, 8 August 2011

Outing with my Buddy Jess!

Hi everyone!!!

Before I continue, this is a camwhore post!
So... be prepared!

Last month, Jess and I finally managed to find some time out that we were both free to meet up!

Outfit of the day!

Cap & Glasses - Bought from a shop in Cineleisure
Top - WC from Popu-Store
Demin Shorts - Pull & Bear
Belt - Salvatore Ferragamo
Socks - S-Leg from Popu-Store
Shoes - Puma
Bag - WC Inspired from Popu-Store

We had Burger King for lunch and I brought out my little (no longer that) new toy to take photos with.

Yeah! My buddy Jess!

And of course, ME!

Some people have been asking me if I've gotten a ringlight.
Well, I did not. I got this little new toy which gives a similar effect on the photos!

So there's Jess as usual snapping photos away

A fully-charged camera is always on my To-Bring list whenever we meet!

Jess trying out my new toy!

How? Not bad right~

After lunch, we spotted this at ION

Can you guess what is it?

Yes! Angry Birds LIVE!!!

Ok~ I did had a try of it at the Singtel HTC Cha Cha Party a few weeks ago in which I shall blog about another time.

And this cow was playing Angry Birds!

It's freaking difficult lah! Tried and proven!

Next we headed to the toilet as Jess wanted to try on her new wig that I helped her order.

Chibi view of us!

Camwhored with Jess's Canon 500D while she puts on her wig

Short hair-ed pretties!!!
*Okay~ Shameless I know*

So we practically spent the whole day eating, snapping photos followed by shopping at Far East Plaza then eating again and snapping photos till we forget the time as usual before finally deciding to go home when it was really late! *Opps!*

Me love my Buddy Jess!!!

Not focus... Jess should really get her camera repaired.
Something really wrong with it already~


XOXO Tsuriki


  1. what contacts are you wearing?

  2. Anonymous へ
    I was wearing AngelColor Edge Brown. =)

  3. Those pictures are so nice~. The camera is of good quality *O*
    Also, I want to try Angry Birds live ^O^ looks fun !

  4. did u cut ur hair?

  5. where did u get the light thingy??

  6. Where did you get that cool light thingy?

  7. Anonymous[1]へ
    Nope I just tied my hair in a way that it looks like short hair that day. =)

    Anonymous[2] & Anonymous[3]へ
    I ordered that light through a friend when she ordered her photography stuff.

  8. where you bot your lensss???? please ):

  9. Meet up soon!
    & post our xi-nu-ai-le video? LOL.

    With <3,



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