Saturday, 3 September 2011

<3 Ryan Higa

Hi everyone!

Ok. Here's a random post of some videos that I love of this YouTuber Ryan Higa or rather known as NigaHiga

His channel @

I first got to know of this channel through Himeko's intro and omg is he funny!

Ok. Here are some videos in the sequence of oldest to latest.
*ahem* Sorry but the list is pretty long... =X

A Message To All Haters!

Off The Pill - Stink People

Off The Pill - Nosy People

Dear Ryan - Makeup Guru

Word of the Day - Bromance
(Yes, that's Jay Park formally from 2PM in this video)

Click here for more behind the scenes + bloopers. It's FREAKING FUNNY!!!!
Love the Justin Bieber part most. Lol~

Off The Pill - Weird People

Off The Pill - Arrogant People

Check out more of Ryan Higa's video at his channel @!
And yes, SUBSCRIBE!!!


  1. Watch WongFuProduction too... I love their short films! :)



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