Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Glam My Hair Session

Hi everyone!

2 weeks back I was invited by Coleen to Shunji Matsuo's Glam My Hair Session where we got to learn about the current trends in Japan and also tips and stuff on hairstyling.

However, first up! Fooooood!!!

I didn't eat the salad(s) as I already had a BIG bowl of unagi salad earlier that day.

Tamago!!! おいしい~

Fried Salmon



No.1 recommended by Himeko and I!!!

Ok~ We're 2 crazy mad lovers for chicken!

California Maki

Assorted Maki!!!

Oh man~ Blogging this is a torture!
I'm hungry and craving for sushi, again!!!

And yes! Here's my fooood!!!

After food, now for the presentation by Shunji-san!

Introducing some of the trends and also what hairstyle suits what face shape.

If you wanna know more, check out Michiyo's, Himeko's, Domo's blogs!
Their post like super detailed.

Hair 'tools' needed for hairstylying

And followed by demo!

By Shunji-san

By Kaoru-san

Sad that you have short hair and think that you are not able to create any interesting hairstyle?

Haha... Shunji-san just proved your wrong!!!

Pretty girly style by Kaoru-san

And next, we broke up into our 'groups' where we got a hairdo makeover by our assigned hair stylist.

My hairstylist for the evening was Yamahita-san, or rather known as Yamapi.

First she tonged my hair as a base

Reminds me of Nic helping me to tong for hair for the filming of Tokyo Kawaii TV back in January. Lol~

So I asked Yamapi-san to teach me simple hairdos that I can achieve myself!

Girly Style No. 1

So simple I'm gonna wear this when I'm on hoilday or something. Lol

Girly Style No. 2

Nice and neat and pretty and sweet!

Suitable for everyday wear!

Now for the last hairdo, I asked Yamapi-san for a more cool or rather called kakkoii-kei hairstyle

Yamapi-san @ work, photo taken by Nadnut

Love the detail lots!

With the fringe inspired by Namie Amuro! Lol~

With Shunji-san and Yamapi-san

And of course, a group photo to end it all off!

I just LOVE going for events where I practically know everyone!
Won't feel all awkard or what-so-ever!

And from our faces, I'm sure all of you could see that we all had real fun that evening!

Ya I know my roots are growing out and stuff but I don't intend of getting them dyed again that soon. It's only been a month!
But then again, I can't wait to see Juno again for my hair treatment! Lalala~

Stay pretty everyone!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. in the last picture with your hair you look ADORABLE!!!!
    like a proper gyaru model!!
    (but obv you are ;D)
    love your blog!

  2. Can you make video tutorials showing how to do the hairstyles? Pretty pretty please? ^o^

  3. aww you look so pretty and i love all the hair styles they did on you! and why you torture me so much with awesome foodies!!

  4. your hair looks fantastic and super ^^
    ...O_o those foods ^^yammy :D

  5. ♪♥♫◦° mimff °◦♫♥…へ
    Thank you so much~ But I still have much more to learn. =)

    I have not tried the hairdos out on my own. I'll make videos for them once I've at least tied them out. Heehee~

    Saving Capuletへ
    So sorry about the food. I myself go through the torture when editing and blogging about them, too.. ='(

    Yea! All from the great hands of Yamapi-san!
    And yes! Food was yummilicious!!!



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