Monday, 11 July 2011

♥ Sunsilk @ Ben & Jerry's ♥

Ya~ Event at Ben and Jerry's!

Ok. I admit that I am guilty for being late that day thus, I didn't manage to snap much photos during the short presentation the representatives of Sunsilk gave. But they sure get great tips on hair care that are super important especially for people like me like does all sort of things to your hair and cause loads and loads of damage to it.

One really simple thing to care for your hair is to towel-pad dry your hair after washing them instead of any other drying method like rubbing or i-dont-know-what.

All in all, here are the precios babies of Sunsilk!

After the short presentation by the representatives of Sunsilk, well of course since we're at Ben and Jerry's, ICE CREAM!!!

*stares at the menu*

Celeste and other bloggers deciding their ice cream flavours!

Jiayi and Jiaqi personalizing their ice cream!

Who do not love them? keke

Himeko with her ice cream choices

And me with mine!

Himeko and her love for caramel

My sundae!!!

Himeko and I camwhore before digging in!

And so, if you ask me what is my favourite product of Sunsilk?


*ahem* used for years *ahem*

So here's everyone at the event with their favourite Sunsilk product!

And of course, to end this off, a group shot!

Thank you Sunsilk and TheSampleStore for the invitation!

I'll be sharing my love of Sunsilk product with one of my lucky readers soon! I'll open a giveaway next week! Stay tuned!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. Wow, what an interesting post, I think Sunsilk has got very good products, the hair after use it are shiny and soft. And Jesus! These pictures of food... I became hungry, really! I think I have to go to a restaurant for ice cream today Keke

    I fallow you, please, fallow me back ^_^


  2. oh wooow!! i could use some of that right now!! and very cute photos! love your outfit on this post!



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