Wednesday, 13 July 2011

DragonNest Press Conference

Hi everyone!

If you've been following me on Twitter and/or on my FB Page, you would have noticed that I've been talking about the new RPG Game, DragonNest pretty much!

Before I continue any further, the Close Beta period has already began!
So while you're reading this, I'm most probably playing away already! Heehee~

But of course, if you do not have the CBT, you can always start playing when the game is officially launched.

So now! On the Press Conference held in the presidential suite of Hard Rock Hotel at Sentosa Resort World!

Ow man~ How I wish I get to stay there, just one night is enough! Lol~
Really cool place!!!

Who wants one?! I know I want~!! Lol

Ok. I've decided that I'm gonna play as Archer cos I find the Acrobat really cool!

And guess what? Miyake is gonna cosplay as one of the characters!
Wanna make a guess which character will she be cosplaying as? Keke~

So while I was busy snapping photos around the room, the first thing Michiyo did was to chiong to the laptop beside Miyake and started trying out the game! Fast sia~

Oh wait! I left out a word, SUPER fast sia~!

We have with us this really nice lady from the DragonNest team to help us newbies with the controls and stuff for the game!

Personally, I've never really played RPG game before cos I tried and I either keep dying OR I never die or even get injured cos I kept walking in circles. #FAILED

But after trying DragonNest out with the help of the really nice lady, I managed to understand the map and how to attack faster and better!

And look!!

TADA!!! I passed my stage with an 'A' okay~

And ya! I must say, I LOVE THE GRAPHICS!!!

By the way, I was not using Cleric for your information.
I was actually using Sorceress!

Soon, Jiaqi and Jiayi arrived!!!
*Yes I know, there's only Jiaqi in this photo. Scroll down*

Jiayi and Jiaqi super into the game, too!!!

So when everyone's there, Xann gave a little 'presentation' introducing us to DragonNest!

Noticed this little plushie everyone's holding?

YES! The entire room was invaded by this monster by the name of Hound that evening!

It's actually one of the monsters that you'll have to kill in the game!



And yea we love our Hound(s) even though it's pretty scary looking, it's still cute!

Seriously, I left it on my bed when I went home that night and when I woke up the following morning, I had a shock cos my Hound was staring right at me!

FREAKY!!! Lol~

Different versions of Hound around the room that evening thanks to Michiyo

Michiyo punched her Hound so badly, its noses bleed~
*Michiyo's idea!*

My Hound with the bone I bought for Kolvis.
*Confess, my idea*

With Jiayi

With Jiaqi

With JayontheHay

Super candid shot Michiyo snapped

Miyake and Adriano

Ok. I had absolutely no idea when was this photo taken till I got home and was sorting out the photos take that evening.
I guess Michiyo snapped it when she was playing with my camera.

Miyake so kawaii!!! #Jealous

And of course, snapped a photo with Miyake!!!

*Please forgive me for photoshopping my face smaller.*
*I know you will forgive me, right?*

And Darryl the Butcher! Lol~

With Addison!

And of course,


Cheers for DragonNest!!!

Bloggers with Addison!
*Wait! Where's Darryl?!*

Media people

Fun shot that wasn't really THAT fun. Lol

We had this little lucky draw for the mouse that were proudly sponsored by Alienware!

*Busy drawing away*

"Voting is compulsory. All votes for confidential"

*Sorry~ Just got the feeling of the election this year again... Lol*

And by the way... YES! I won one of the mouse! Lalala~

So here are some screenshots of the various characters of DragonNest!

Element Lord

Force User


Acrobat, the character I wanna play as!

And lastly, here's the trailer for the game!

Let's play!!! Wahahaha~


  1. gaaah I saw this on fb, where you can get 25 likes theyd give you a code to closed beta version, super want to play this! the characters are so cute! meeh feel so envious of you gals right now!! O.o wish theyd have a convention here, too!

  2. Saving Capuletへ
    I did not take part in the CBT key giveaway cos I already got my close beta key in the goodie bag given to us at the press conference.
    But then again, I do have more than 25 friends to likes their page. =P

  3. jason??へ
    The CBT key is to activate your account for the close beta test period for the game.



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