Friday, 15 July 2011

My Life Invaded by a Hound

Hi everyone!

So As you should know by now that the Close Beta period for DragonNest SEA is already open and yes I have been playing away whenever I have time the past 2 days.
Today is the third day and here I'm gonna share with you my life after adopting a Hound at the Press Conference.

Press Conference post here:

So here's my Hound in the I-wouldn't-call-garden area near my house

Some people may ask, what's a Hound?

Why, it's actually a dog monster in the game and yes you have to kill it!

Basically when I'm home, my Hound will invade my bunny chair and refuse to let me sit on it! Poor me will have to sit on the floor without any cushion then.. *sobz*

Hound waiting to attack me!

I personally find this photo pretty nicely taken.
What do you think?

So yesterday, I met Yijing and Himeko for dinner at Iluma and I brought my Hound out with us!

Ok. I did bring my Hound out to movie to catch the Green Lantern like a few weeks back. Yes I really did! I got tweet okay~

Roasted Chicken at Asian Kitchen

Spootted the teeth in the background?

Yes! It's my Hound!

Hound starving!!!

See! Yijing so evil right?
*Just kidding~*

All the food my Hound finished!

Empty bowls and plates. What's left was only bones from the roasted chicken.

As usual we camwhore and...

Hound just had to photo bomb us!

I still do not understand WHY everyone like to dig the Hound's nostrils?!

Nice meh?!

See! They so evil~

See Himeko dug my Hound's nostrils then Yijing tried to kidnap it!

Ok~ I know you miss me

So ya~ 2 photos of me before we carry on

Trying to remake my character in the game.

Yes~ I am soooo noob that I was killed by a Hound and earned the title of a Hound Victim!

Next stop, ARCADE!!!

Himeko and her yellow BEEEEEEEE

Yijing and... hmm...
Can't think of any Transformer that's blue in colour.

Hound Underage Driving

And of course! Me and my Ferrari~!

Car-cam spotted!


Lastly, Himeko and I chilled out at Starbucks where Hound had White Chocolate Mocha.
Good life huh?

Ok~ Now to talk about DragonNest THE GAME

Do you find the loading page familiar?

YES! That's how a Hound looks like in the game!

For noobs like me, let's go through the tutorial. Lol~

My character in the game!

I'm playing as a Archer now and I kind made my character looks like Legolas I feel.
Orlando Bloom!!!!

Monster BOSS!

I'm always very happy when I get A or above for my stages!

See! Got SS wor~ *Bimbo tone*

And see! I never lie.
I really earned the title of a Hound Victim.

*Proud!* Cos I guess I'm the only person playing so far that got killed by a Hound!

Ok~ Actually nothing to be proud of but WHO CARES! Lol~

So ya! Here's the end of my random post!

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!


  1. does yijing have a blog?
    shes prettyO.O

  2. Oh God! Have I ever said how beautiful you are???? I totaly love your blog!

  3. I really liked the photos on this post. I find you and Yijing plus your Hound plush doll cute! :D

  4. haha hounds are adorable especially when they try to pee on a minotaur like in this video

  5. i cant found my CBT key.. can help me?? Please?? im begging u.. all my friends already played the game..

  6. erm ,sry, may i ask..
    this server doesn't same with china/taiwan server?.
    after change job will wash skill point ?.but this MY server didn't wash-.-

  7. Anonymousへ
    Yup she do!

    inuvotu へ
    Thank you! ^^

    Sheaper John De Guzman へ
    heehee... Glad you enjoyed this random max post. Lol~

    Haha!!! That's so funny and cute!!!

    aiman へ
    You can try getting your CBt key by the FB giveaway of DragonNest SEA.

    Sorry but I'm not very sure about it. It's my first place really playing such games.

  8. i wish im your hound :) so i can be with you rawr!!! ^^ .. :P

  9. I think I love her. (^ 3^)

  10. Anonymousへ
    Are you the one who asked for Yijing's blog URL?
    Haha~ I'll tell her one of my readers loves her! *^-^*

  11. where did you buy that hound? :D i like it.

  12. ugvemeseizuresへ
    Sorry but I did not buy my hound.
    Mine was given to me by the company DragonNest is under in Singapore.

  13. I GOT A HOUND TOO! The same plush toy from dragon nest



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