Thursday, 14 July 2011

☆ New Hair Treatment @ Artica ☆


Last Thursday, I headed down to Artica to get my hair treatment done!

Like I said, I won't be getting my hair colour touched-up at the moment so I'm sorry everyone but you'll have to bear with my ugly black roots that has grown out by quite a length for the time being.

But of course, my stylist Juno will not let that happen so I'm gonna get my colour touched-up next month. Probably nearer to my performance date so that the colour will be FRESH! Lol~

So ya! Here was 2 photos of me with my messy, uncombed hair after putting my makeup on which I found had a certain beauty in them, still, so I posted them up. #ThickSkinned


Brought a copy of Nth for Juno!
And yes, I finally got the magazine thanks to Jim! Heehee~
Thank you Jim!!!

And yes! That's my WC Summer Tote that came along with the Mookbook2!

I guess I'm the only Singaporean blogger so far that obsessed with WC. Am I right?

Got my hair washed and all ready for treatment!!!

Happy Happy Me!

Ok. I'm sorry I just can't stop snapping photos of myself. ごめん~

So! Like this post's title states, a new hair treatment!


First! I got this new product applied on my freshly washed hair.
This product would open up the molecules of your hair and help in the absorption of the treatment! This means that all the goodness of the product can be easily absorbed by your hair, thus making it smoother, healthier!

Product applied on and now ready for the next step!

Mr Steamer is here again!

Pissed off face cos I just couldn't manage to snap a photo of the correct angle. #TakoFace

First step done and now for the second step!


So second product! This product helps to close your hair molecules so that all the goodness of the hair products will be locked into your hair, thus making the treatment last longer!

How cool is THAT?! VERY COOL!!!

Apply apply apply~

And again, Mr Steamer to the job!


Next is the get my hair rinsed!

Now blow-dry!

Yes, I know my fringe is long and out of shape already

Left side dried

Now for the last look of my long and out of shaped fringe

Cut cut cut

TADA!!! I have nice fringe again!

So! The final product of my awesome hair after treatment!!!

Yeah I love my hair!!!

Smooth right? Can you imagine that I actually bleached my hair twice and the last hard bleach was only a month plus ago?!

Jealous? Jealous?

Heehee.. No need jealous lah~
Just go down to Artica and get your hair treated, too!

Me in my WC Tee, WC Tote in the WC (Toilet) with my freaking awesome hair!!!

More photos of awesome hair take at home

YEAH!!! Like I always say, I LOVE ARTICA!!!


  1. VERY JEALOUS! reminds me of Hyuna's hair in her video Change, so so pretty!

  2. aweee u look so cute on the pic, totally in love with your new hair color, you look more gyaru!



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