Thursday, 7 July 2011

Shills Event @ Tampines One
+ OMY Social Media Day

Similarly, 2 weeks back, I was invited to a Shills event @ Tampines One and their special guest was famous stylist of 女人我最大, Judy 林叶亭老师!!!

Cabbed down as I was late BUT dear Himeko was late for more than an hour! OMG~

Outfit of the day:
WC Flag Sweater
Pull & Bear Demin Shorts
Luvilicious Bunny Ring
Random bracelets I bought online last year

And okay. Many people have been asking me again and again where did I get this pair of gecky specs from.

I got it from an accessories shop in Cineleisure but they no longer have it already.

Attention: It's the same as the one in my banner!

Photos from the event:

Up to 40% off Shills product that day at the event!

Sticker for bloggers only

Camwhore while waiting...

Finally Judy Lin is out!!!

Posing for the cameras

Demo for the slimming products

This is the bottle!

Okay~ I did not try it as I'm afraid that I'll forget all about it and end up rubbing my eyes or something.

Oh No~

All wrapped up! (Arm)

Slimming patch


Stick stick stick

TADA!!! *Applause for the brave man who dare show his tummy in public*

Shills hair products

I've always wanted to try them whenever I watch 女人我最大 but I've never bought the products before.

But! I've gotten 2 of the products from the organiser and will do review or use them in my next hair tutorial or something.

Tried one of them and there's only one word to describe, WAO!!!!

After the event, we headed over to Tampines Mall for lunch at Delifrance.

Seriously, the last time I actually had Delifrance was when I was in Secondary school. Don't ask me how long back was that.

Do the math yourself.

So apparently everyone have not eaten Delifrance for a long long long time, so decided to have Delifrance for lunch.

Himeko and I had Ice Lemon Tea


Sorry but I had to grab photos from Himeko as my camera was dying half way through the Shills event already. ='(

Life with a battery-less camera was horrid!!!

Introduced Himeko my new angle of camwhoring which I learnt from Jess in year 1 of Poly.

Skill a bit rusty but still not bad. Lol~

How do you like this angle?


Sorry I keep winking cos my falsies was dropping. =P

Soup of the day

Beef Lagsana

Chicken Mushroom Baked Rice


Why Domo and Ringo so late?
Can we not wait for them to start eating?

Don't wait for Domo and Ringo!



Nom nom nom!

After lunch, Himeko accompanied me to *Scape to Social Media Day!

Did you spot the messages we left?

Checked in Foursquare and Smith gave us each a SoMe badge!


Printed photo of Himeko and I

Off to the mission to find the in-charge before I start 'work'!

And yea! We bumped into Elfaine!
As usual, she's never looking into the lens~

I also bumped into my Secondary good good good friend, Chin Teck!!!

Do check out The Changing Point Products for short films my dear friend Teck acted in! Heehee~

So I was stationed at the games area where all your have to do is play simple games to know the social media slightly better.

And I'm at the goodie bag table waiting to give you your goodie bags and cookies!!!

Yeah! Met Jiaqi and Jiayi!
Finally had a little time to chit chat with them then.

Miss them miss them miss them!!!

Ringo and Domo came to look for me after their Shills event!

No need to hide lah~


After SoMe, I had dinner with Domo and Ringo before we met up with Himeko and her friend.

Ho ho ho~!

Snow ice!!!

Randoms before heading home!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. Wow so nice photos, You very cute!
    New follower (・ω・)

  2. aww the product looks interesting and yay for the goodies! lol! plus as always, you look incredibly cute in those photos! :DD



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