Friday, 8 July 2011

Kawaii Yummy Nails

Hi everyone! As you have noticed, I have a new banner on my sidebar ever since last week for my nails sponsor and that is J♥Nail!

First! Here's a little tour and introduction to J♥Nail!

So J♥Nail is a really cossy home based nail salon specialised in Gelish nails and of course, Gelish extensions!

I seriously LOVE the decor of the room! All the floral, so nice!!!

Just LOOK at the number of Gelish nail colour J♥Nail has to offer! Okay~ That was not all!
There are more well kept in the cardboards!

Not forgetting all the certs and awards J♥Nail's manicurist hold!

Do you know? That to be able to work in Japan in the manicure line, it is a MUST to hold the Japan Nail Association (JNA) License?!

Well, now you know!

So yes! That totally set J♥Nail apart with many others!

Ok. Enough of the intro.
Now to the business, my nails!!!

Trying to camwhore with my left hand while getting my nails filed

And after a long long loooooong time, I finally decided on this yummi design in the latest issue of Nail Max!

I must say that Jess is very very detailed and careful with every single step when doing my nails. To her, EVERYTHING has to be 100% PERFECT!

Using my very own nails! Envy? Anyone?

Ok. Since it's my very first time getting gelish nails, I HAVE to snap a photo of the UV machine! Please allow me to~

TADA!!! Base colour done!!!
I feel that they are really pretty enough already BUT!
The work is not done, yet!

Jess carefully did the designs for my nails and this is the end product!


Wait for it


Now fresh from the oven,

TADA!!! Yummi Kawaii Cupcakes Served!

Thumbs Up! UP!

So! Do you want pretty nails like mine?
Here's your chance to get your nails done with J♥Nail's promotion!

Gelish manicure promotion + nail art @ $99
Acrylic/Gel Extension promotion price $99 top up $50 for my yummi design.

I know you want it!
You know you want it!

For appointment or enquiries, do call J♥Nail up at 96908083!

J♥Nail @


  1. Wow they are really good! It is so cute!

  2. I love your nails!!! So pretty~~ :D

  3. Those are adorable *___* I used to get sets done regularly at a Japanese salon near me but I spent over 200$ USD every 3 weeks and it was.. a bit too much : ((( Those are so mad cute though!

  4. OMG! It's sooo Kawaii! I love the design on your nails, cute. I think it's great that you don't use fake nails but your own, I do just like you ^_^
    I'm really jealus that you have a nails sponsor, I wish I had it too keke xD

    Check out my new blog if you have the time:




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