Thursday, 21 July 2011

Vanilla Lollies


Hello everyone!
Today I'm gonna share with everyone another blogshop that are specialised in dresses for casual, work or presentation and evening dinners & nights out!
So practially you can get a dress for ANY occasion from this blogshop and the blogshop is Vanilla Lollies!

First I got this simple sweet Khaki Shorts!
It's so easy to match with any simple top like how the model matched in the photos above or I'm gonna wear it with my floral poncho when the season is right!

Next! My second choice is this lovely, sexy Checked Bustier!

Seriously, when my first look at it, it just reminds me one of Namie Amuro's outfits! LOVES~!

So yes! I MUST HAVE IT!!!

Lastly, here's my favourite! The Sweet Corset Tulle!

Not only is it casual, sweet but has a little sexiness it in, too!

Pretty or WHAT?!

So! August is coming soon!
*Which means my birthday is coming soon, too! =P *

Let's all celebrate our birthday together with Vanilla Lollies as they celerates their very first birthday!
Vanilla Lollies will be having lots of attractive giveaways from not only Vanilla Lollies themselves but also with their collaboration partners!
So join their mailing list to be updated on not only their WEEKLY new lauch ranges but also their birthday giveaways!


PLUS! Shopping with Vanilla Lollies is so easy as they accept payment via Paypal, Internet Banking &ATM Transfers! Isn't that super convenient?!

Don't forget to check out their Value buy of the week where you can grab real pretty dress for only $10!!!!

Shop on now!

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