Saturday, 23 July 2011

♥ i-babydoll

Paid Advertorial

I'm sure everyone understands how a different hair colour would make you look different!

Same goes to eye colours!

I personally LOVE different designs and colours of contact lenses to match my different look for the day!

Some of my all-time favourite EOS lenses:

Jewel Series in Brown

Super Nudy Series in Pink

Candy Magic King Series in Blue

Check out ♥ i-babydoll's EOS Lenses Spree!

Hurry order!
Normal price: $12.50 per pair
First 5 buyers get their lens at $11.50 per pair!

For every 4 pairs purchased, you'll get 1 pair free!
And for every 6 pairs purchased, you'll be 2 pairs free!

Plus! You'll get free normal postage with all purchases!


  1. why da lenses r so cheap :o I mean da cheapest price I have seen is $15...:O is this seller reliable?

  2. Who Am I?へ
    Actually EOS lenses are not that expensive.
    The blogshop has been around for quite a long time already. So I guess there wouldn't be much of a problem I suppose.

  3. Who Am I?
    Hi, i do not scam :)
    It's priced lesser because i earn lesser profit. You can go see the feedbacks i have.


  4. @i-babydoll
    haha thanks! cuz im a beginner at circle lens so I wanna find a permanent reliable place I can get my circle lens most of the time :) THANKS for ur info :) I'll be sure to make my purchases at ur shop <3



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