Thursday, 4 June 2009

Butterfly fly away.

Hi good morning everyone! Ok. I have not slept yet and will be sleeping soon after I hit the "Publish Post" button when I'm done with whatever I wanna blog about.

Guess all of you have realised that I've updated the music playlist on my blog to just one song, Butterfly fly away. And if you realised, yes there is something different about that song. Well, I can't find the karaoke version for it so I just sang over it. My voice may not be very clear and "listen-able" but that's what I can do now. Do give me your comments ya? Click on "What do you think?" or X "comments" below this post to comment. Thank you!

Sorry that I'm updating my blog pretty slow these few days as I am like enjoying the end of my attachment and have like quite an amount of stuff I wanna blog about so please do check back soon! I'm free like the whole day today after waking up later on so I'll update my blog with as much events happened as possible or the number will start to pile up again.

Good night everyone!

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