Monday, 29 June 2009


Here's the PV of Arashi's new song, Everything.

AH~~~ NINO!!!!

If you don't know which one of them is Nino 二宮 和也, scroll to 1min 36sec. The guy singing solo then is Nino! The 2nd solo!

I just love Nino lah!!! Seriously, I really am sad that I'm missing of a couple of their albums cause I was not able to buy the local (or Taiwan) versions so they are all left with those imported from Japan ones which are like super expensive lah!
I do LOVE ARASHI! But I'm not some crazy fans that will spend tons of money over idols anymore. Even if I can afford it, I will not buy those Japan imported cds! Like not much difference and plus I won't keep looking at the album's cover and lyrics and stuff cause I'm afraid that I might spoil them.

Anyone knows of anyone or anywhere I can get their local or Taiwanese version albums?

*Suddenly thought of someone that just went to Taiwan for holiday!* Argh~ Why didn't I ask my friend to help me buy???!!! Argh~~~ ='(

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