Sunday, 7 June 2009

Aaron Kwok De Show Reel Concert

Yippe! Last Saturday Dann and I went for Arron Kwok's concert at the indoor stadium with Dann's mom, godsis and aunt.

That's me after a great shower after natsu practice that day. Don't think too much. NYP does not have such a nice studio. hahaha... Selphie helped ur booked a studio outside for practice that day. Thank you Selphie!!!

And Lue Song joined in the fun of camwhoring in front of the mirror!

Steve was camwhoring too so I popped in into his photo! hahahaha

All of us went for dinner at Botak Jones before Dann and I cabbed to the indoor stadium for the concert.

The stage before the great show.

Dann and I! I just love Dann doing that face!

The lights went out soon and here I am testing out my camera in the dark while showing you the irritating people seated in front of me with their 3 uper long light sticks!

Light effects

OK. Time for the great show!

The credits before the concert started

4 songsn ( i think ), 2 costumes! LOVE THE DANCE!!!

3th costume with chinese feel in each songs sang.

4th costume. SUPER Arron!!!

5th costume and the most fabulous 360 450 degrees stage! (Corrected by Arina. heehee)

And Arron came out so cool with a sweet slow love song.

6th costume -- the super duper BLING sliver outfit. The war began. LOVE THE COSTUME!!!

Dann notices that there's subtitles on the screen whenever Arron sang a cantonese song. haha...

7th costume. Arron singing while playing the piano. The piano was glittery sliver!!!

8th costume. The very first song I know of Arron.


9th costume. The dance that all had been waiting for -- water dance!!!


10th costume. Encore performance -- Para Para Sakura!!!

I actually wasn't really excited about going for this concert cause I don't really like Arron Kwok in the first place. But I enjoyed the concert till MAX man! Ok. If my cantonese is better I would have enjoyed it much much more. But still it's super duper uper high lah! And seriously, I LOVE ALL THE CHOREOS!!!! How I wish I can like learn them ALL!!! hahaha...

Really cool. You should so so so go and watch it the next time Arron Kwok holds a concert in Singapore! High High HIGH!!!

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