Friday, 29 May 2009

Nike Nike Nike Mini

Some of you may have read my post for the Nike Mini contest 3 months back (contest post here) and yup, like I've mentioned in previous post(s) that I am one of the winners and here's this post to share with you what I've won!

Dann helped me to collect my prize from the Nuffnang office on Wednesday as I was still stuck in office for the last few days of attachment and YES!!! I'm like counting down to 6pm today, counting down to the end of my torture here!!!

So back to my prize!

So here's my "$300 worth of Nike products".

And my bag of Nike stuff is labelled "Winner B".

Here's all the stuff that's in the big big bag!!! And as you can see, they are all purple and pink stuff!! I LOVE IT!!! hahaha... I was a bit disappointed though as I heard from Dann that they were actually giving me a pair of shoes (not sure which pair was it) but as it's a sized 7 and like way too big for a size 5.5 like me.

So they gave me this slippers that's sized 6. I know I am a size 3.5 - 4 but when it comes to Nike shoes, I wear a size 5.5 =)

Yeah! Now I have Nike slippers! I can finaly get rid of my 5 years old Teva slippers! hahaha...

There's this shorts that's really pretty but this photo didn't really capture the detail of the shorts. Size M. I am a size S when it comes to bottoms...
( ___ ___ )

Purple T-shirt!!! I love the color of it but am seriously wondering what does the print mean... *In thoughts* hahaha... Sized M. I am a size M!!! hahaha... Matchy matchy!!!

Pink(?) Sweater!!! Simple and great to match clothes! YEAH!!! Another PINK Nike Sweater!!!

Lastly, the thing that I LOVE most out of all items that were given.

Zebra Strippy Water Repellant Windbreaker!!!
*Did I spell repellant wrongly?*

When I saw this in the bag I was like "OOOOHHH!!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!"


Yeah I love my Zebra Strippy Windbreaker!!!

I guess besides the zebra strippy windbreaker, I was pretty disappointed the the other stuff especially the fact that we actually gave Nuffnang our (my) sizes for footwear, bottoms and tops but apparently Nike didn't give them the items of correct sizes. The shoes' soo big for me and the shorts is pretty loose, too. Sadded that these are the so-called "Training Products" mentioned in the email when they are just normal off-season casual wear. I actually thought that they (Nike) may give items of the Zoom Sister One series since the contest was based on that campaign but items won were just like that. Meow~~~ Guess it really wasn't Nuffnang's fault cos when Dann checked my stuff at the office the people were quite shocked that items (like the shoes) were not of correct sizes and their clothes are ALL of size M.

Oh well, I STILL LOVE my Zebra Strippy Windbreaker!

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