Friday, 26 June 2009


I hate bugs.

So people, STOP BUGGING ME!!!

OK. Not many people are bugging me but the people I see every day, the second I step out of my room are. The minute someone comes online. The second before I stepped out of the house. It is really freaking irritating and has already gotten on my nerves!

If you people feel that I'm doing nothing, don't even have the single thought of getting a job, THEN YOU ARE ALL FREAKING IDIOTICALLY WRONG! I have been searching for a job that I can foresee myself staying in for long. Long does not equals to around 6 months, a year or 2. A job that I will like and enjoy doing like I've worked in Swensen's for the past 3 years and am even hesitanting on how should I even tell my manager that I want to resign. A job that I like and I am proud of to tell people to get away as I LOVE my job!

Yes I have officially graduated from Nayang Polytechnic and am just waiting for my cert to be ready in the near further like just a couple of days later. Just that my freaking ceremony is next year with the 2010 batch.

And like I've said, I DO NOT just waste my time doing NOTHING which you may think it has been for the past 3 weeks ever sinced my attachment is over. I have been searching for a job online even 2 weeks before my attachment ended! It's freaking irritating that my family is bugging me every single time they see me and even my dad bugs me on msn! What the freaking bell lah! All these freaking bugging is making me NOT wanna get a job. Yes I am rebelious! Come on! I'm not even 20 yet! And I just simply couldn't stand unfair treatment!

My sister could waste a whole year without even a part time job for more than 3 months in that one year which she slacked while waiting for school to start. I totally understand that times are bad in family BUT LOOK! Times ARE BAD IN THE WHOLE WORLD NOW TOO!!!

I have had enough of all these stuff where I just keep thinking for my blood sister which was why on earth I ended up studying IT in NYP instead of my favorite ART in NAFA 4 years ago in 2006! I fought for it, I fought for art, but I gave it up cause I know that school fees for my sister is gonna be super expensive so I chose Poly over an arts school.


Right now I'm really wondering why on earth do I even give it up. I love it. And seriously regretted making that decision.

I want art back. But I've lost it.

My hands, my fingers just can't do what they used to be able to do now.

All they can do now is to click the mouse and type on the keyboard.

I can't draw nor paint like I used to.

Stop bugging me.

I anti-bugs.

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