Friday, 5 June 2009


Yes! My attachment ended at 6pm officially last Friday. If you were reading or even visited my blog that day you could see me counting down to 6pm on my twitter. hahaha...

My desk was the messy-est that day as I was like searching my my paper and pen and blah blah blah which ended up with such a mess.

The last look at the sign of ST Electronics! Wuhu!

After work that day, I went to AMK Hub to meet up with Ban Theng, Lue Song and Xiang Min for dinner. It was kinda sadded doing nothing special after all that torture in attachment for the past 12 weeks. But then again, having dinner with your great friends is also super GREAT! We had MOS Burger for dinner and when they went for movie, I went to restock my haircare supply before heading home. I did not join them for movie as I wanted to watch Terminator with Dann. =)

So here's my haircare supply from Watsons.

Shampoo. Trying DOVE again as I feel that my Silkpro is starting to cause my scalp to be oily again. So it's time to change for awhile before using Silkpro back.

Hair moisturiser. I should have gotten one long LONG ago. Stupid frizzy hair~

Hair protection spray mist. Another thing that I should have gotten long ago as I blow dry my hair like more than 5 times a week! Just imagine how much damage's done to my hair ever since I was 15?! That's like 5 years of damage lah!!!

OK. That's gonna be all for now. Gonna prepare post on Arron Kwok's concert last week! hahaha...

Have fun everyone!

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