Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Hannah Montana Nuffnang Preview Gala
Random Updates

First thing,

Playing with colors again! hahaha... this time is pastel green at the inner eye corner and blended out to dark brown. muahahaha...

Anyway, I just got this eyeshadow from my stepmom. She got it from Japan when she and my dad were in Tokyo for vacation. She was so shocked to know that she can actually buy Majolica's product in Singapore, in Watson's when I told her! hahaha... Anyway, I love this eyeshadow! Shimmery~ You just cannot go overboard with shimmery stuff! hahaha... I think~

Last Tuesday, Dann and I went to Marina Square for Nuffnang's Preview Gala for Hannah Montana the movie. Yuhu! Okay... I kinda dragged him down with me but I did not force him okay~

We first went to Suntec for ice cream waffle at Galare and shopped around a little where I got myself some baller ID bands from Nike. I got the Youth ones as they are smaller so that I can wear. hahaha... skinny wrist I have...

We went to the foodcourt at Marina Square for dinner before collecting the movies tickets and this was what I had. We actually did say to go to the foodcourt for their western food weekly before but oh well~ we just couldn't make it.

Dann got himself a new headphone from Creative

Seriously, the sound is gooooooooooood!

After dinner, we went over to the cinema to collect our movie tickets from the Nuffnang booth before going to the arcade for a while as there was still some time. Dann tried to catch me the Pinoccio from the UFO machine but was just cheated by their machines. Wasted $10. meow~

Next up! Movie!!!

OK. This isn't a poster of Hannah Montana the movie but I posted this poster up instead cause you might have already seen the movie's poster on my contest post here for the movie.

Seriously, I LOVE THE MOVIE!!!!! It's just freaking funny!!! OK. Dann did not enjoy the movie as much as I did alright. Oh well, it's a kids' show alright~ hahaha... BU I STILL LOVE IT!!!


Oh ya, I saw bloggers ANdyStorm again at the cinema just before getting my drinks at the snacks bar and Jessica right after the movie!

For info for all Hannah Montana fans!!! If you are super afraid that the Hannah Montana series is gonna end after the movie(like me), FEAR NOT!!! Cause it's officially written on Miley Cyrus's website that there WILL BE a season 4!!!

(Click to enlarge)

Celebrate people!!!

Went shopping at Club Marc after the movie and I got myself 2 pairs of shoes!

Black pumps.

And this shocking pair of pink heels! 10cm high okay~!

That's the original price of it! Yuhu! Great bargain!

After shopping, I went to Dann's house where we played Gundam on Merloin's PS3 which is in Dann's house as Merloin can't play it when he is in camp. hahaha... KILL~~~

I went out shopping alone on Thursday after meeting Dann for lunch.

I saw this when I walked passed Takashimaya's basement


Oh man! I love this Barbie 50th Anniversary Doll!!! Anyone's getting one for me?

And ya, it was quite a casual day. No makeup no nothing. Just me with some clothes which I hardly wear now. Put them all together and someone actually came up to me, asking me if I am local when I was shopping at Far East Plaza that day. hahaha... funny huh?

I spent 2 hours of my Friday at the manicure shop which my mom goes to. Used her package so I don't have to pay for my classic pedicure and manicure. heehee...

Got leopard print nail arts on my hands. It's my first time having a leopard print nail art. It looks kinda pretty actually! hahaha... And it was also the manicurist's first time painting a leopard print nail art. No bad huh?

Postman came knocking on my door, delivering the dress that I bought online for Jasline's wedding. Wanna see it? Check out my next post on Jasline and Justin's wedding and Jasmine's birthday celebration!

*Why all the Js have stuff on on the 6th June sia~~~*

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