Monday, 31 August 2009

G-Force is coming to town!

Something super adorable is coming to town...

Yeah! It's the G-Force!!!

Yup! The producers of Pirates of the Caribbean is meeting you peoples with this new movie by Walt Disney Pictures!

Here's the link to it's trailer on YouTube here!
(Sorry but embedding for all trailers were disabled)

Seriously... I have been waiting for this cute movie to be out for months! I first thought that this movie about hamster when I first watched the trailer of it at Challenger! But after I got to know the title of the movie, G-Force, it then hit my head that it's actually about guinea pigs! haha... How silly of me~

Anyway... here's a simple introduction of the main characters in this movie.

Note: not all characters are guinea pigs okay~

Agent Speckles. It's a mole rat I think...

From the impression of it from the trailer, it seems like Agent Speckles is the brains that helps G-Force throughout their "missions".

Quote, "I'm a mole, I have a thing for worms."

Hurley -- Guinea Pig.
Member of G-Force.

The silly one in the group. But you know, if there isn't a silly one, perhaps the smart one wouldn't seem THAT smart sometimes? He eats about anything but just not injustice. All gut, but no glory. But one thing for sure, he sure put the "pig" in the guinea pig!

Quote, "Piece of cake!"

Agent Blaster -- Guinea Pig.
Member of G-Force.

The tall guinea pig with a explosive personality that weighs 2 pounds of nasty! Puts the "G" in the Force!

Quote, "Tick tick Boom."

Agent Juarez -- Guinea Pig.
Pretty member of G-Force.

See! Female can be an agent too! And she can totally stay pretty throughout their missions. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and Guinea. She's another one with the brains alright~ The brains for fashion!

And I just simply love her quote,
"If looks could kill, you'd be dead already."

Agent Darwin -- Guinea Pig.
Leader of G-Force.

No need for me to say any further. He's the brains!!! Not only is he the brains of of G-Force's missions, he sure has the brains for video games too! I guess many admires him. Cause no matter what, he IS the founder of the original rat pack! What more can I say about this lover "boy"? The girls want him, the hamsters want to BE him!

Quote, "Leave no rodent behind."

One last character that I'm gonna cover.

Agent Mooch -- Mosquito.

Seriously I have no idea what this character is all about for now. All I know that it's super cute alright! Wahahahaha!!!

Quote, "Buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

Well, everything in this post may be wrong as I can't really find much information of the characters in detail online. So all I can do is to go catch this movie in the cinemas myself!

I'm SO gonna watch it in 3D!!! *AH~~~!!!!*

I was quite surprised myself when I saw the voice over for the characters in this movie.

Did you know that Nicolas Cage is actually the voice for Agent Speckles?!

and Penelope Cruz is the voice for Agent Juarez?!

Pretty awesome huh?

*See you there everyone!*
Catch G-Force in cinemas 4th Sep 2009!!!

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