Thursday, 4 June 2009

Do Singaporeans Dress Badly?

So here's the question. And my answer would be yes to a certain extend alright.

I feel that Singaporeans DO take note and keep track of fashion and stuff and also keep up with it. However, firstly in Singapore we aren't really always in the front of what's fashionable currently as here, we are kinda slow so when a certain "fashion" or trend hits Singapore, places like Japan or even Taiwan has already gone over it and moving on.

And also, I feel that Singaporeans, are just people living here in Singapore, tend to get too over crazy about a certain trend.

For example the huge craze of Gladiators be it flats or heels.

I started out to me as another choice of heels that would be great for such a warm weather in Singapore where it's casual enough to go with many outfits and you don't have to worry if your feet is gonna feel warm and stuff after a whole day out with your precious feet being "stuck" in a footwear for one whole day.

However, many people actually like take advantage that it's casual enough to go with many outfits that they actually wear it with EVERY outfit! And especially for the flats kind instead of the heels, it seriously made people look horribly sloppy and look at though they are just wearing some other pair of flip flops.

Next craze, the craze over wet-look leggings.

I know and also feel that seeing all the Hollywood stars wearing them, matching these wet-look leggings and they look fan-tas-tic!

So of course people will follow this trend BUT taking into consideration that Singaporeans, Asians are shorter by nature and many suppliers for such wet-look leggings supplies only the "official" size which caters to everyone, including non-Asians. So! When Asians, Singaporeans wear them, these leggings tend to be kinda long which seriously destroys the total outlook of your outfit!

That's kinda the reason why I have not owned one of these leggings till now.

And to make it worst, people wear flats or even flip flops with their over-sized leggings. Just not helping...

Next craze, high-waisted skirt.

Personally, I wanna get one of these, hoping that my legs will look longer after wear a high-waisted skirt.

I'm not sure about all the other people out there but many aren't really wearing them right. Like said, it IS a HIGH-WAISTed skirt. And many Singaporeans aren't wearing them high-waisted which seriously looks awful. Some people even wore their high-waisted skirt at their hip like any other normal skirt or hipster which is, I don't have to say much more, awful.

To me, I think that Singaporeans follows trend blindly to a certain extend that they just follow and not really thinking and considering whether is that item suitable or not. Like the leggings being too long and even for the high-waisted skirt. Some people's body frame just does not suit wearing some clothes but some people just totally ignore it and still put that clothe on.

Like the pretty high-waisted skirt on Miley Cyrus! But c'mon! How many of us CAN actually carry the look?!

Lastly, one Singaporeans' thing which I seriously couldn't understand why can they actually wear it out shopping down town along Orchard Road!


Oh my goodness how on earth can people actually wear that out to Orchard Road, matching with their pretty sweet dresses!!! It's like a total turn off! I just can't name any outfit that's super match and looks really nice with slippers except for beach wear! For me, I would only wear my slippers around my own neighbourhood area or around school area after dance practices. But no matter what, wearing slippers or even beach shorts to Orchard Road is like wanting my life. No way!

I do know that there are "rich" people staying near Orchard Road but that's seriously no excuse to just wear your pyjamas out to catch a movie or groceries shopping!

I suppose most Singaporean girls' pyjamas are shorts and a shirt or spaghetti straps top looking like that:

But hey! You can wear however you want to at home but please change if you're going out! Or say do something to your pyjamas before stepping out of the house!

I'm wearing my high-waisted lounge shorts from Club Marc in these photos. So ya. Before stepping out of the house, tuck your top in! And yeah you get slightly more presentable.

If it's not good enough, put on a belt and there you go! All ready and presentable for a simply movie near your atas house by Orchard Road!

One more thing I feel that Singaporean girls' are quite standard about.

Most girls will just leave their straight hair down and tada! Out you go!

Isn't it boring seeing almost EVERYONE having the same hairstyle and for like over 360 days a year?!

The minimum thing to do is to pin up your hair! Punk look anyone?

It easiest thing you can do is to tie your hair up into a neat ponytail. Great for warm weather days too!

Feel that a high pony tail is gonna harm your hair? Then tie a low side pony tail. Goes well with dresses too!

Feeling jappy? Tie up your hair into a bun on top of your head and use even fake hair to add volume! I just love doing that!

Sick of long hair? Want a change for a day? Hide your hair and just leave your hair layers down to achieve this short hair look for the day!

Do up a pretty hair do too! It's like super easy! Do check out my tutorial of this hairdo here.

But no matter what you do, NEVER forget your pin or whatever you use to keep your hair away on your head when leaving the house!

Think great, look great everyone!



  2. shut up fuuuu. U think u dress better than her? Seriously, FLIP FLOP is a joke. People from other countries only wear slippers when they go to the market or beach.



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