Thursday, 18 June 2009

Updates on the road! (or bus rather...)

Just went down to 24Seven's office to collect something and am on my way down for Japanese lesson now.

Rush rush rush...

I promised something gooooood is coming up on my blog real soon! wahahaha...

As for how well am I now, I went to see the doctor last night and the doctor assured me that I am NOT infected by the H1N1 virus. So if you do see me walking down the streets and even with a mask on, don't be afraid. A lady actually walked super fast away from me when I sat down beside her on the train home on Tuesday just because I was wearing a mask when I didn't even cough or sneeze or not even make *sniff sniff* sound lah!

I just didn't wanna spread my germs around, okay? Unlike many Singaporeans who has the mind set like my mom.

'It's better to spread your germs around than taking them to yourself. They sick, their business!'

Ya... that's exactly what my mom told me when I went home with a mask on.

Take care everyone! The common flu virus is all over the place thanks to inconsiderate and irresponsible people.

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