Monday, 22 June 2009


I just got home few minutes ago and am posting this post cause I am kinda pissed off by a guy on the bus when I was on my way home.

I got up the bus and got a good seat, one of the seats that I like to sit at, and this guy standing who appeared to be very very tired decided to sit beside me after the bus has passed the following stop after the interchange where I boarded the bus, including this guy.

Once he sat down, he placed his hands one the seat which is like SO obvious and like DUH! of course you will touch the other person sitting beside you lah! So ya, he touched the side of my thigh. And for someone, anyone! especially a female's normal reaction will be to move away and of course you will take a look at the person right? So I did move away and take a look at this MAN seated beside me. OK. I do have a slight phobia of guys, male strangers, so I moved to the max end, as far as I could from that man. The guy turned slightly to look back at me BUT he didn't say anything not even a 'sorry'!!! Like what the...

So after that I kept an eye on him while hoping the bus driver would drive faster so that it will reach my stop soon as it was just 3 stops away which shouldn't take more than 4 mins at this hour.

So that TIRED man closed his eyes and "fell asleep". Like an asleep-man will do, his head moved and moved from side to side and at some point of time actually seemed to wanted to land on my shoulder that kind. Well of course that didn't happen cause I did keep my eyes on him and HELL I WOULD NOT LET THAT HAPPEN YOU FREAKO PERVERT WHATEVER ON EARTH MALE CREATURE!!!

Soon he felt that his plan failed and he "woke up". He then stretched out his arms upwards and when he was putting his arms down, HE ELBOW-ED ME. Seriously, I HURTS! OUCH! He elbow-ed my bone lah! And once again, it IS human nature of the one being hurt to look at the person who hurt him/her and also human nature of the one who hurt someone to look at that person. So we both did turn slightly and look at each other (but me with the 不爽 face). Once again, HE DIDN'T SAY A SINGLE WORD NOT EVEN A 'SORRY'!!!! He didn't even move his lips a little of whatever lah!

FREAKING PISSED OFF now that I recall back whatever just happened like 20 mins ago!

ARGH! Soon after that the bus reached my stop and of course I wanna get down the bus! I know that some people are lazy to just stand up and let the person sitting inside to walk out easily, which includes me sometimes when I'm tired or just plain lazy, he just moved his legs to the side like only 45 degrees!!! Who will do this?! Which tired and/or lazy person will do this whenever of course you know the other person can't get out lah! How earth do you expect a person in 2 1/2 inch heels and carrying 2 bags of things to walk out properly with such a small space. Of course he did it on purpose lah! IDIOT FREAKO PERVERT!

One more thing to add on, he isn't tall so when he was seated, his eye-level's vision was just around my chest level. NO he is NOT is young adult nor any younger than that! He looks like his 30s. If not at most late 20s. He kept turning and peeking towards my side throughout the whole journey of that mere 4 mins lah! Sorry for being violent but HOW I WISH I COULD DIG OUT HIS EYES! Ewwww! HE DISGUST ME!

Nothing racist here, but he is NOT Indian as maybe people would be thinking that it may be some Indian or foreign worker. No he is NOT. And No he is NOT chinese either. So what do you think?

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