Thursday, 16 November 2006

happy hapi

hey people!
today was a normal day...
only that i woke up early,
just to do my homework.
amazing right?
trixy mok...
do homework?
not only that,
she woke up early just to finish her homework. !
that's just so unbelievable.
but one thing.
when i woke up,
i found the stack of foolscape paper with my finished homework in it is missing.
oh my...
where on earth is it?
search around,
but then i still couldnt find.
i decided to go to school to do another copy.

went to north canteen for lunch after com skill lesson.
guess who i saw?
cin cin.
it was a long time since i last saw her.
one or two months already while working.

when oopp start,
i just dont kno why,
jess and i started to get very tired.
that's this chance where i get to catch jess resting.

doesnt she look like she's resting on a rabbit or something?

i took the photo above,
but then zh said that it's just too neat,
just not trixy.
i agree.
i took another one.

oh ya oh ya.
this look more like me...


after lessons...
i went to toa payoh east cc to ask about the japanese lessons.
i signed up for it already.
and my lessons will start the week after.

send me email ok?
i will try my best to reply you in japanese.
> .<

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