Wednesday, 17 June 2009

とっても 嬉しかったです。

OK. This is gonna be brief for any Show Luo Zhi Xiang's fans here reading my blog if there is any. hahaha...

I walked passed Toa Payoh HDB hub the previous Sunday afternoon and was just in time for his rehearsal for the charity program in the evening so I snapped some shots.

I actually bothered to squeeze with all the other fans and uncles and aunties there cause I thought I mind as well take some photos of Ah Xiang for Jia Hui. I did also video down one of his rehearsals but am too lazy to upload now. So if you wanna see it, leave a comment. I'll upload it even if only one person wants to watch it!

In the evening, my Dad came and fetch me to my Godparents' house.

Camwhore in the car. hahahaha...

It's been more than 10 years since I last met them. It was Lunar New Year when I was in primary 4. That's how long it is...

Got my Godpa (Godfather) crystal wine glass which was actually sponsored by my Stepmom. And I've also got my Godma (Godmother) New Moon's Ginseng Birdnest. That bag of stuff was super heavy lah! So heavy that I asked my Dad to come fetch me instead of me going to his house first before going to my Godparents' house.

I specially bought some nice wrapping paper to wrap the gifts up! Shiny shiny one~~~ Simple but yet presentable.

My Godpa cooked all by himself that night. Seriously, I LOVE my Godpa's cooking! There's only one word to describe, DELICIOUS!!!

Sadly I don't have any photos to blog up of the whole time we were there cause all the photos were taken by my Dad's new Canon camera which he lost the memory card when he went Bangkok last week and he didn't have the time to store the photos in his laptop before flying. So sad... ='( all the photo of the wonderful meal and photos with my Godpa and Godma. Meow~ Oh well, there's always a next time!

My Godma gave me some stuff which seriously brought back lots of memories.

Some jewelry from the jewelry shop she always buy her stuff for me every single year!

Piggy boxes!

Earrings and a necklace!

And what's this?

The gold coins of the year that she used to give me every single year too!!!

Arh~~~ I miss them sooooo much! Gonna make an appointment with my Godma for manicure with ME once I recover. I'm like sick from a minor sore throat to cough to flu and now a slight fever. Oh man~~~ I seriouslt think I should see a doctor. Maybe later 2pm when the clinic is open.

Take care, everyone!

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