Sunday, 14 June 2009

Just that Day


Last Saturday was a really busy day cos many Js had things on. I woke up like 6.30am to get prepared, washed up and get my makeup done and stuff before Raymond drove me to go fetch Li Jin and go for Jasline and Justin's wedding at St Andrew's Cathedral Church. After picking Li Jin up, Hui Mei called Raymond as she thought if it's possible to get a lift if he's still around my house area. We were along the expressway near my house/Hui Mei's house so we made a turn and picked Hui Mei up, too. I was like "the small yellow van with all the yellow people in it!" hahaha...


Once we reached the church, we girls quickly went to for our Usher duties where Jin and I were situated outside along the walkway together with Dorea.

OK. Skip the ushering bit cause there's nothing special alright. Like what can be interesting being a usher? hahaha...

So the wedding started!

Jasline and Justin! and a little boy then dashed out when I pressed the button.

All the yellow ushers were gathered at the back to watch the ceremony.

I do~~~

And you may now kiss the bride~~~


And here comes Mr and Mrs Justin Kwan.

And next was photo session!

The Bride and Groom waiting for the people to come out for photo taking.

Prisca! The last time I saw her she was still a baby in Pamela's arms lah!

And camwhore while waiting!

The tent set up outside for the buffet catered.

The couple with the photographers!

Bible study group photo!!!
*Yiwen isn't in the photo cos she didn't come*

The sisters!
*My sister isn't in the photo as she had went for food already*

Happy Jin and her first cup of drink -- orange juice.

Happy Trix with my first cup of drink -- fruit punch.

After getting our drink, Jin and I attacked the food! hahaha.. Surprisingly we ate very little and was already super full.

After food, we went to the toilet cos a little boy spilled orange juice on my legs and we finally found a spot at the church that has no wind!


We then went downstairs with Hannah and Yiye where there was air con and fans. It was a super warm day alright~

Silly Jin. hahaha

That's me, Yiye, Jin and Hannah!
*Minyi isn't in the photo cos we couldn't find her then*

Then the auntie from the florist offered to help us take a photo with the big flower arrangement which only Jin and I took a photo with it.


And we finally found Minyi!

hahaha... So candid.

Hannah and Jin. I know this looks like a candid shot but no it isn't. Hannah posed like that for the photo. hahaha...

Here comes the bride again! And now in her PINK dress! OK. I did not take this photo, Junhong did. He was playing with my camera while waiting to help Jin and I take photo with Jas.

First shot. Er... we look fat...

So someone said we should stand straight.

Second shot. Look at Jin! Serdiya position!

So... take again!

Third shot. Best out of all but still not good enough.

Fourth shot. Taken by Justin (the groom) this time. hahaha...

Ok. Photos ended there cos the couple had to rush off for the dinner preparations.

After leaving, Jin and I went to Raffles city's market place to get some drinks before Jin headed home and I went to school.

We were given each a tin and there's my usher tag. Look! There's a bling there! hahaha... So Jas~~~

Jin's tin

And mine!

So Jin opened hers and I opened mine of course.

First look of it after taking the ribbon out. Can you guess what is it?


A hat?


It is...


It's fluffy socks!!!


I actually wanted to open the tin and put the usher tag in it but~~~ it's just TOO FULL!!!

So here's our socks!

Bunny ears!


Thank you Jas and Justin!!! Congrats!!!

Back in school...

I didn't practice that day alright... Just try out the formation and stuff for the first dance which I am confirmed in it already. hahaha... Messy ya~~~

If you realised, yes my hair got sper short after I reached school. I took off my extensions once I reached the practice area cos it really was super super duper uper warm warm warm!!!

I waited when everyone when to shower and the last person that was done was Lue Song. And it is how Lue Song looked like when he came back after his shower.

I was asking him if he actually had a shower if his clothes on?! And that thing in the middle of his head is his hairband. So diao lah~ As if there's a tornado in the guy's toilet!

When everyone's done, we then made our way to Pasir Ris for Jasmine's birthday BBQ celebration.

We had Superdog for dinner before going to the chalet. It was my first time eating it. hahaha... Mountain tortise~~~ =p

Ban Theng... he seemed sad... I think it's because they don't have ice chocolate so he was forced to get another drink which he doesn't really like. lol

Steve! OK. He didn't like this photo so I took another photo.

*Twist* Act cute! And that started the *twist* trend.

(Dann: 极Gay一下)

OZ! Time to dye hair ya~~~

Jojo! In green again!

And lastly, Kim Kai. Shocked face. hahahaha...

Canon advertisement. hahaha...

Dann and I while waiting for our food. heehee...

I thought we might never have such *chu~* photo. hahaha!!!

And OZ was still hungry after finishing his meal so...


The rest all eating~~~ *munch munch munch*

After dinner at Superdog, we then took a bus to the chalet cos we were all lasy and reluctant to walk out there in that super duper warm and humid weather!

When on the bus, I wanted to take a photo with Xiang Min but...

HE MOVED AWAY!!! What the...

Jiang! Now he didn't move away! hahaha...

Dann is always so horrible when I am camwhoring.

He never let me camwhore in peace. meow~

Soon we reached the chalet and guess what's the first thing Lue Song did?

Sleepy Uncle Xiao Di!

Then wake up then give me that innocent face! hahaha

Cyndi brought us goodies from Tokyo!

My 人形烧!


とても 美味しいです!

And here comes Gerry when I was eating my pudding cake!

Someone came in with this plate of chicken wings and asked if anyone wants cancer. It's sooooo cancer-ous! hahaha

Gerry and her 7-Up!

The crowd outside

Birthday cakey!

Our poor chefs of the night. They were actually there to enjoy but still had to get their hands dirty in the end.

Yippe!!! Yvonne was there, too!!!It's been such a long time since I last saw her!!!

Jia hui and I!

Selphie and I!
*argh~ She hid behind me! My face looks so big lah!*

Gerry and I!

Dann and I! OK. This photo was taken like around 1am so you can see that we were both super tired already.

To end the night, here's the last photo of the night.

F4 of JMD finally unite again! hahaha... Everyone's like all sooooo busy lah!

And again, why is Ezzat not wearing Nike?!

Happy Birthday Jasmine!

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