Wednesday, 1 September 2010

No More Black Roots!


Firstly, Happy Teachers' Day!

Oh boy~ It's been years since I last wished any teacher a happy teachers' day.
Guess the last time was during my Year 1 in Poly when I went back to my Secondary School.
Didn't go back in my Year 2 as most of my teachers are all transfered out so I find it kinda pointless to go back to visit other than canteen food rocks!

Oki. So yesterday was quite a busy day for me.

Firstly I went to meet Fook Yu to get my DS card as she got it repaired for me over the weekend.

Next, rushed down to Somerset to meet my mom to get my new phone at the Singtel Comcentre.
It's the very first time I spent such a long time to decide which phone I wanna get -- like hours!

I would like to compliment the person whose serving my mom and I, Faizal! He sure was really patient with us and I didn't see or hear a single sign of unhappiness when he was serving us!

I had a lot of problem deciding whether to get a BlackBerry first then which other phone cos I seriously ain't a fan of Nokia.

However, I did get a Nokia in the end alright.

So after around one hour serving us, I decided on which phone I wanna get. Got the phone but soon, I regretted it. So in less than 10 minutes after leaving the comcentre, I went back to get it changed while my mom head home first.

The second Faizal saw me back at the comcentre, he came up to me and asked what's the problem and what can he do for me after serving the customer at his counter.

He helped me get my phone changed immediately after I spoke to him.

Thank you Faizal even though I know you won't be reading. LOL

So after getting my phone, it was already 5.30pm.

I rushed down to Ikoma to register for my JLPT before I missed it again like last year thanks to my laziness. =P

By the time I was done with my registration, it was already around 6.15pm.

Rushed down to Artica to get my hair colour touched up!

Yes~ See my horrible ugly black roots for the last time!

Not trying to promote for Singtel but ya~ That's where I came from alright~

Bleach bleach bleach~
Dye dye dye~

My current favourite game! Minna no konbini!

Although yes it's a game for kids but at times, such game can be seriously entertaining!

And after the long wait...

Wishy washy off the dye

Continued with my game while getting my hair blow-dyed



*Photos before this point were taken with my LG Crystal.*
*Photos after this point were taken with my Canon E1*


Sorry for camwhoring but I JUST CANT STOP!!!

And yes, this is my new phone, a Nokia E72 in black.

Hang my Furry Liese strap on my phone now!
Man I miss phones that can have mobile strap hang on!

Thank you JUNO!!!

Thank you Artica!!!

By the way, if you're wondering where Artica is, it's on the 4th floor at Far East Plaza!

14 Scotts Road
Far East Plaza #04-82
Singapore 228213

Contact number for enquires or appointments: 6836 2891
or Email:

Oki! That's all for now!



  1. Hi, may I know what type of lens are you wearing in the salon that day?

  2. Hi~ I was wearing Super Nudy Pink in 14.5mm. =)

  3. hey dear, im interested getting my hair done @ artica..what's your hair colour? love ya it!

  4. Anonymous:
    Hi~ Sorry but I'm not very sure.
    I'll post another reply here after I asked the Creative Director.

  5. okay thank you,i'll wait for your reply >~<

  6. Hi Cyndi
    I asked Juno the creative director and he said that it would be best for you to go down and discuss it with him as my colour involves bleaching and cos it's a faded colour that I did more than one month ago.
    You can tell him that you want my hair colour and he will understand and know what colour and shade you have in mind.



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