Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Shoes. Don't Judge Me!

Hi everyone!

This is gonna be a post on my shoes.

I've always wanted to do a blog post or video on my shoes but I just never had the time to do one cos I simply first do not have the time to pack my shoes.

So on my last off day from work, I spent a few hours just packing and sorting my shoes and of course, throwing some away, too.

Took ALMOST all my shoes out.
Yes, it isn't all of my shoes in the above photo.

And now all my shoe boxes are labelled with description!

Hurray! Now I don't have to spend like half and hour just looking for a pair of shoes before leaving the house!

So after sorting and stuff like there, I'm gonna show you the 30 pairs of shoes that I've selectively took photos of. I seriously have no idea there are a total of 30 pairs until I was editing the photos!

And guess what?

Even after throwing more than 10 pairs of shoes, I'm still left with 60+ pairs!

I'm now further away from my 100 pairs goal!
*Just joking*

Without any more delay, here's my 30 pairs of selected pairs of shoes/heels/sandals...

Left: Studded Sandals from Hong Kong
Right: Cherry Sandals from online

Didn't take photo of the sandals that I got from Japan cos it's spolit and just there on the shelf.

Why? Cos I can't bear to throw it away!

Yea. I don't have much sandals/slippers cos I don't really like wearing them.

Moving on!

Spring Court Sneakers

Some atas brand where the original price of it was like over $200 SGD?

PUMA Sneakers

Really love the bright colours of it!

NIKE Pastel Colours Jordans

Yes. It's a Girls' pair.

I have really small feet!

NIKE Turqoise Dunks

One of the many pairs of Dunks I own and I rarely wear cos it's half size bigger.
*It was a gift*

NIKE Tiger Dunks

Another Girls' shoe here. Love this pair lots!

As I don't really have any black coloured shoes, I always wear this I wear black most of the time.

NIKE Yellow Dunks

I'm such a sucker for bright coloured shoes.
Don't you just find them awesome?!

NIKE Limited Edition Gold Butterfly Hi-Dunks

Super love the design of the pair but I hardly wear it cos it's half size smaller than my usual size.

*It was another gift*

NIKE Dance Troupe

The very first edition of the Dance Troupe series which I find the most comfortable so far!

And yes, I wear this really often. Especially when there's dance practices after events or anything, you will defintely see me in these!

Adidas Red Polka Dots Stan Smith

Another pair of shoes that I wear really often.
Stan Smith is like one of the few of Adidas that I only wear.

Adidas Mid-Cut Stan Smith

Love the colour of this pair, mint green!!!
But yet with the brown details, it isn't the super sweet sweet colours which I love!

Adidas Sleek Series Boots

Ok~ I have no idea how to take photos of this boots so I just lay it flat.
Thus explaining the weird looking photos. Muahaha~

Native Red Boots

Current favourite boots cos it's super comfy and it's RED!!!

Fur Boots

Bought online

Have been wearing this every 4th quarter of the year for the past 2 years.
Super comfy and cute!

Now. For. Heels!!!

MONDO Kimono Print Heels

Although I no longer wear this pair of heels anymore because after I got ir repaired the last time, it became bigger and I am not able to wear it.

But! I still keep it and took a photo to share with everyone because this is the very first pair of heels I bought in my entire lifen in 2006!

AGEHA Style Hime Slippers

Bought online

Really easy to match with clothes but sadly it bites.
Shall think of a way else I won't be able to wear this pretty and comfy heels!

GUESS Salior Wedges

Love how it makes my legs look pretty!!!

Furry Heels

Bought this from Hong Kong back in 2008.

Don't you just find them cute?!

ViVi Inspired Beige Heels

Bougth online

I guess almost all Gyaru will have a pair of this.
Am I right to say that?

GalStar Pastel Pink Heels

My tallest, highest pair of heels thus far!

And I love it so much that...

GalStar Camel Heels

I got a second pair!!! TADA!!!

Black Wedge Heels

Bought from Far East Plaza

I wear this pair really often, mostly to work.

Dip Drops Heels

Pretty Heels but so far I only wore them once.

PopTeen Brown Clog

Bought online

New Look Brown Heels

Yes, I have a thing for heels looking like that.
I know~ (T^T)

New Look Sneaker Heels

Mad love this pair of heels!
At times where I wanna wear sneakers but yet I still want that height for the day, this is a must wear!

Beige Wedge

Bought this from Bugis Street

Simple Black Wedge

Bought this from Far East Plaza

Jeffrey Campbel Rocker Boots

My latest love!

Although it's high, it's very stable, too!

Oki! That's all for this post.

Hope you had quite a time looking at what type of shoes I have and love.
Most importantly, hope this post did not bore you.

See you in the next post!

XOXO Tsuriki


  1. Oh I'm so jelly! Love all of your shoes! haha

  2. You have ugly shoes. Grow some taste before you write about them on the WWW

    1. Thank you for your comment.
      I suppose you have fabulous taste.
      Why not share with me starting by using a NAME instead if hiding behind the word Anonymous?

  3. My name is Vivian and I work for Cosmopolitan magazine (SEA region). Actually it doesn't matter whether I have a name behind my previous comment. Truth of the matter is that your shoes are really ugly. You have some pretty clothes, pity about the mismatched shoes.

    1. Hi Vivian. I'm glad that you left your name this time round unlike many others online who do not dare to even use a nickname.
      I believe that be it whichever shoes, how are designed, they are designed for a reason and to why are they designed like so. Plus, have their style of clothes to match with. I don't suppose you see me in person often so how do you know what shoes am I to match with what clothes I'm wearing? Right? No to mention that I personally change style often. And do you have any idea how old some of those shoes are even?

    2. Well, I like your shoes.

      Fact is that you can change your appearance but you can never change an ugly heart.

      Came to your blog because of a hair post but stayed for the content and great attitude. (:

    3. Hi Sharon!
      Thanks for the comment and hope that you will enjoy my blog and visit often! =)

  4. Hi! Was googling for Bugis Street shoes and chanced upon your blog/post.
    Can I ask: 1. How much were the Bugis Street pair 2. Are they comfy? Or will they bite? >_< Thanks! ^-^

    1. Hi! I bought it for around 20SGD if I didn't remember wrongly.
      It's super comfy! I can go shopping the whole day in them with no problem!

  5. Hi, may I know what are the best places to hunt for Nike dance troupe or other models like Jordan's? They are really pretty and I thought of getting it for my daughter on her birthday.

    1. Hi! Well, in Singapore you can find them at Limited Edt. Not too sure about online though. Sorry~



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