Saturday, 14 November 2009

Some random updates

Morning everyone! Here's some random updates of what happened last weekend in general. =P

First, I worked over time last Friday night but in the end my supervisor let me off at around 8pm plus. Boyfriend and guys had their guys night out so I went over to City Square Mall after work for a while as I when passed there once and I saw quite a big Watson's outlet there. Since it's near my work place, so I just worked over after work.

Spent like $90 at Watson's. =P Collected my extra 88 points! wahahaha!!! You must be thinking like what on earth did I buy like how can I spent almost a $100 there at Watson's that outlet isn't very big with lots of stuff like the one in Takashimaya?!

So here's my shopping for the night:

Stuff from Watson's and my comic! Yippe!!!

hahaha... Now you know why I can spend more than $90 at Watson's already ba~ =P

ZA Blemish Pore Treatment Gel and some femine wipes

And here's the most expensive thing!

TADA!!! So nicely packed inside. It's actually a present from my mom for me getting a job. Thank you Mommy!

So after shopping st Watson's, went to comic connection and got my comic -- Switch Girl Book 9. No more mistakes this time! hahaha... Love this comic! So funny lah~ Can't wait for book 10 to be out!

OK. Some people may wonder how is City Square Mall like. basically, I feel that it's really empty, like nothing much unless you're going there for food and would just wanna do some shopping at same time. But I do love the Charles and Keith outlet there! It's pretty big! Stopped myself from going in to take a look or I may end up spending! =P

So last Saturday, I went to school to meet Ting Ting first to discuss with her about the performance flow for Open house 2010. Settles some stuff out and waiting for another meeting. Had Mac for lunch and I had like 20 of the Monopoly tabs lah!

Yes... I'm a ticketing machine! =P
*Didn't meant to point middle finger in the second photo. Please forgive me~*

After meeting, we went to town to buy tickets to Astro Boy that evening before shopping around. Got asked to join the search for Garnier's new face for 2010. Hmm... have not submitted my entry proper... but I guess you still cant vote for me at the Facebook page. hahaha...

Astro Boy is a really cool, cute, funny, and touching movie!

Shall do a more detailed review again if I have the time.

Sunday! Shopping day!

Met up with Dann first at Funan before meeting up with Gerry.

Camwhore~ I feel that I look a bit like 麻衣 in the first photo. Do you feel so, too?

Oh ya~ I'm selected through the first round for MyFatPocket's hair challenge! Please help to voet for me! The voting page is not up yet though. Will post up the link when it's up! heehee

So after meeting up with Gerry, we went dress-shopping for Gerry as she wanted to get a dress for Daniel's wedding that's just next week! Arh~ so we shopped Marina Sqaure and Raffles City. After we've shortlisted some of the dresses, we then waited for Ezzat to join as so that he can take a look at those dresses before Gerry decides on which one to get.

Dinner was good~ hahahaha....

Lastly, here's 2 photos of me at work on Thursday. I was waiting for the computer to start up. =P

I love my hair that day~ Super smooth~ LOVES Kao's Essential Damage Care!

And yesterday, big boss let us go home early. Yuhu~ And I actully thought that I may have to work overtime to finish my work! Big boss just say, never mind, go home and do!

Went to watch 2012 with my mom. Great movie! hmmm... I can't really say how is it, just great and complicated. You must watch it to know it for yourself!

Lastly, here's some tibits I got from AMK Hub before meeting my mom!

Cute right~ I bought the yam chocolate sticks for my sister. She tried it and says that it's nice. I shall try one another day. =P

Oki! That's all for now!
Gonna get going to go to school soon!

Have a nice day!

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