Sunday, 10 May 2009

Blogger Lounge @ The Sail

I attended the first Blogger Lounge by 24seven on Thursday and I had great fun!

That's me in the office before heading down to the sail for the event

So, are you ready to set off?

So here I was at the sail for this Blogger Lounge. Cabbed down from office. Expensive ya...

Say I'm a mountain tortise, whatever! But I seriously was kinda shocked when I entered the lift and looked for the button to the 44th level! Just see for yourself how many buttons are there!

I actually had to hold my camera like super close to me and stand all the way back to of the lift to take this photo lor~ lol

lalalala~~~ Signs are put up to guide sotongs like me to the Blogger Lounge.

The club house was sooooooo pretty and had super great view too!

SEE!!! Perfect place to see fireworks!

Looking down from the 44th storey

Oh my goodness lah! we're almost situated as high as the sign for NTUC already!

Random but I really like the ceiling!!!

There was food, snacks, pizza, drinks and more for us! *yum yum*

There was also games from De Coder’s Cafe for us bloggers to play too!!!

I was playing this dinosaur game (which I've forgotten the name of it) with some other bloggers like Charline of heartsphotography and Brad of LadyIronChef.

It was so sickening that I lost 3 out of 5 games STRAIGHT?! Sian...

Other bloggers like Nadnut, Esther, Issac and Jayden were at the other table playing some other games too!

There were also some gadgets and stuff for us to try and "play" with!

Some laptops of Lenovo.

I love this laptop that actually has an in-built "drawing" pad!

So cute ya~?

There was also this desktop that has a remote control that you can use as a mouse far away from the desktop, normal remote controller, something like a wii controller and as a phone to make online phone calls!

And here's Hisham giving us the demo for the tennis game.

And another guy took over to play too!

This is Daniel from Samsung and he was there with some really cool mobile phones of Samsung that's either just releases, soon to be released or not going to be released in Singapore. hahaha...

Saddly we were not allowed to take photos of the mobile phones especially the one that I'm totally in love with as it will not be released in Singapore. So sad... I shall consider going to Hong Kong to get it! wahahahaha!!!! CONSIDER.

Daniel's a really fun guy and was telling us more about the different phones that he showed us that night!

The guy standing beside me is Hisham from Tech65. He's another nice and fun guy who shared some stuff about blogging with Charline, Brad and I.

I know I look dumb in the photo above but I had to mention Johnathan, a really cool guy I got to know that night too!

I was being asked by many that night on how to pronouce my blog address, quentria. And I've decided on giving it a specific way of pronounciation, quen-tri-ra, the way that Johnathan pronounced it. It just sounds super nice! hahaha... So from now onwards if anyone is gonna ask me on how do I pronounce my blog address, I'll tell the person the way that Johnathan had pronounced it. =)

My nametag for the night! I know, stop thinking that my hand-writing is horrible, I KNOW THAT!!! hahaha...

I had so much fun getting to know other bloggers!

Do keep in touch ya? Charline and Brad!
*Oh I can't wait for Brad's food testing outing!!!*

And some stuff from the event.

Borchures on the laptops and desktop of Lenovo

Notebooks from Lenovo, Samsung and 24seven and special limited postcards from 24seven

Once again, thanks to Diana and Claudia of 24seven for the invitation to this great event! I really enjoyed myself lots!

Hope to see everyone again soon!!!

Till then, take care! ( * ^ - ^ * )

Most photos of this post is credited to Claudia!

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