Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Lazy weekend.

OK. By right it wasn't a lazy weekend as I had plenty of stuff to do but just that I felt very lazy doing some stuff especially on Sunday. Even walking. I had to like drag myself to everywhere I went.

On Saturday, there was natsu practice in the morning so I rushed down to school after waking up late as I had to help my sister till 3.30am the previous night. Woke up, wash up, and just before I left the house I remember that I forgot to prepare my basic make up kit as I had to lend it to my sister. Ya... my sis does not have her own makeup kit. She only has foundation which she just bought last week?

So I prepared my makeup kit and labelled everything with stuff like what's that thing and instructions and stuff. And also, as everytime when I lend my sister my makeup kit, things just get missing. So on the post stick labels, I also stated down to take good care of some stuff as they are either expensive or limited ones like my Shiseido eyeshadow and Ettusais blusher.

After getting ready the makeup kit, I then rushed to school and guess what. I was stuck on the train due to train fault. What the...

Practice when on as normal when I reached Blk E and met Sok Hiang at the room where normal JMD session was being held. You should so see her expression cause I looked as if I was checking out on the juniors when I went to the room and when she came up to me and was standing like less than a metre away, I just looked up at her and wished her happy birthday. hahaha... Her expression as priceless!

Happy (Belated) Birthday Girl!

Afer morning natsu session, I went over to the room and waited for JMD session as I was in-charge of singing. I ate the apple that Dann gave me while waiting. Heehee... my boyfriend so sweet~ I was like sha jiao-ing the night before, saying that I wanna eat apple then he really bring me apple in the morning!

*Munch munch munch*

Singing session went on alright and had a little problem as we don't have the song but oh well. I did manage to get what I wanna "teach" that day done alright/ that's good enough already. First time teaching, don't really know how to say some stuff.

It seems like this batch of people actualy sings not bad.. At least I didn't hear any one that really cannot cannot cannot sing that kind. Ganbatte ne!

Lue Song's sister came for JMD last week too so my singing session was like partially made up of their brother and sister arguement and stuff which I say was ok... not a good thing but yet not a bad thing either.

After singing, I was finally able to eat my lunch which Steve helped me to buy. I shared my nuggets meal with Lue as I think I couldn't finish it and that guy never eat and didn't even buy any food lor~ tsk tsk tsk.

While eating, Dann and the 2 of us also discuss about the upcoming performance that JMD as to put up (can't post event details yet, nya~). Haiz... *shake head* What to do sia~~~

Natsu practice carried on soon after that and it was quite a tiring one but I was having great great great fun! OK. Maybe when it comes to dancing, I am kinda "saddist". =p the more difficult the dance is, the more high I get. hahaha...

So we've cleared one choreo already like 1-2 weeks ago, almost cleared one more choreo as the rest of the choreo will only be taught to selected people including me and Jo. Started on third choreo that day with 4 sets done. I am having great fun although I am super tired physically. Once this choreo is done, then the last choreo. nya nya!!! I just can't wait!


Oh ya, my daddy told my sis and I that we may have to go to China for our step-cousin's wedding end August. hmm... hope it doesn't clash with natsu...

After practice, as usual we're all shower and go out for dinner. I was kinda crazy that night as I really was feelig how tired I was after the shower and was doing all my silly stuff again.

We went to AMK hub after diner for ice cream and the stupid idiot gaza machine ate my $2 that I wanted to get a pikachu for Dann!!! *which reminds me I haven't send an email to the company* STUPID MACHINE!!! ATE MY $2!!!!

We then went over to Mac for some drinks and ice cream for some other people who didn't buy ice cream from Anderson's and chitty chatties.

Great night and I had Jia Hui to accompany me on the train home! So sad that only the 2 of us takes the train towards Marina Bay. Meow~

Sunday, I woke up early and shower and makeup and stuff before going to Dann's house. It's been such a long time since we actually had time to spend with only the 2 of us due to all the practices and meetings and stuff we're all busy with. So Dann decided not to play basketball that morning and spend the whole morning before he went for work with me!

( * ^ - ^ * )

We watched tv, watched cartoon and one of my favorite tv program, sketch. It's a tv program in okto channel. Have you watched it? It's nice lor~ Say I'm kiddy, whatever~

We then took a train around 1 and a half hours before Dann's working time and had lunch together before Dann started work. As for me, I then went to Far East Plaza and walk around, trying to find a dress for Jasline's wedding next month.

Hey everyone!!! I'm desperately looking for light/pale yellow dress!!! If you know of any blogshops that has instocks or anyone that is letting go of their yellow dress, PLEASE let me know! PLEASE email me @ quentria@cozycot.cc. I need the dress on the 6 June, the first Saturday of June!!! This is urgent!!!

I seriously have no freaking idea where on earth did ALL the yellow dresses went to! I just couldn't find any at Far East Plaza when I used to see A LOT!

After walking like one round around Far East, I went to take the bus heading towards Marina Square. Then only did I realised that my phone couldn't ring at all. It wasn't able to open my Windows Media Player when I tried in the morning and then I realised that my phone wouldn't ring or even vibrate when I receive a call or sms.

So insteadt of taking the bus directly to Marina Square, I alighted before that and went to Plaza Singapura, headed straight to Samsung to get my stupid phone checked.

Backig up my files in the memory card while waiting for my turn.

It was some stupid software problem which when I asked the guy what may be the cause of this, he said quite a big lot of stuff but in short. This problem may still come back. Like what the... I just got this phone for like 2 months and it's sh*tty lah! Causing me sooo much problem! I guess I'll try to get it changed whatever as soon as possible, I think.

After getting my phone "fixed, or should I say reset, it was and still is working normally, I hopped on another bus and carried on my journey to Marina Square.

I was supposed to meet Gerry at 4pm as I just find a place near the shop that we had appointment made for waxing. Yup! My first waxing experience! hahaha.. nervous...

Played solitare and camwhored a little while waiting for Gerry to arrive

So when Gerry arrived, we made our way straight to Pink Parlour for our appointment

OK. I did the waxing first and surprisingly it was not as pain as I thought it would be. I was like giggling a little throughout the process. hahaha...

While waiting for Gerry when it was her turn, I found something I would say... weird...

Like why on earth would anyone wanna dye their hair down there?! Oh my goodness lah!

After waxing, we then went over the KFC for a little snack and chat before Gerry met Ezzat as they are going home for dinner and I went back to Orchard where I met Merlion. I went to find Dann and borrowed his PSP as Merlion was going to Dhouby Ghuat to play arcade and I was just too tired and reluctant to walk there in my heels.

So after getting the PSP from Dann, Merlion went to play his arcade whereas I went to Kinokuniya to get a comic, Switch Girl book 5, then went to Burger King at Cineleisure for a drink and spent 3 hours enjoying my coke, reading my comic and playing game while waiting for Merlion to play finish his arcade and Dann to end work.

Once everyone's done, we then went to Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe for some food before heading home.


OK. That's all for now!
Have a nice day everyone!

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