Monday, 11 May 2009

JMD 7th Anniversary

Since I'm sick and lying around at home, I mind as well blog about it first before I delay it till dont-know-when.

Saturday, Vesak Day, I guess many was having a day out, spending their public holiday with their friends out shopping or a movie or some thing else. As for me,I spent my day rushing quite a little to get some things done.

I first woke up and get ready myself and some paperwork needed for anniversary like printing of name list and attendance list and stuff before rushing down to Nails Bar to get my manicure again.

And yes I just love it there! I'm like sooooo gonna be their regular customer already. I got my french manicure done there last month (post here) and I got my graduation glitter french done on Saturday!

My glitter graduation french taken without flash

And with flash

Pretty huh?!

After getting my manicure done, I met Dann outside Lucky Plaza before going to Nike to buy some stuff. We then went to Toa Payoh Central where Dann got to eat his hainanese mutton soup. After that, we met up with the 07 and 08 batch before heading down to the venue for anniversary for decor and stuff.

While the 08 vatch was putting up the decor, the rest was watching videos of our past performances in the past 7 years. *Wao that's long*

Jo Jo!!! My partner for this event as we were appointed in-charge(s) for anniversary this year.

The blue-eyes(ed) in-charge(s) and registration team of the day!!!
*Come! Pay money!!!*

Yes me! One of the blue-eyes in-charge!

Registration forms... busy busy busy...

This year, instead of the usual BBQ where people just had to keep waiting for the food to be ready, we ordered cateral food instead so no one has to wait and wait and wait and hopefully this will help people to mingle within different batches.

We ordered our food from Mum's Kitchen this time round. I feel that the food is not bad lah... lol

We also had this complimentary custar-filled puffs which are super yummy!!! They're like 4/5 (which is around 44 of out 55) gone before I even took my food lah!

Continue to watch videos while waiting for the rest to arrive

Chitty chatty amond ourselves before the rest arrived

7pm!!! Time to start digging in!!!

*OZ~~~ Spoil photo lar~~~*

Some hardky-seen seniors came too!!!

Arina and Suya.
*The only proper photo I took that night.*

And also people like Frank! which was the first time seeing him that night too!!!

My hardworking Jo while I was playing around a little taking photos.

*Hi my name is Zhi Sen.*

And everyone digging in!!! *munch munch munch*

Spot Erica and BenBen!!!

The 08 batch had their own table at the back. lol

After anniversary proper, we went over to MOS for some drinks and more chats before catching the last buses and trains home.

Hahppy Trix!

With Jie Jie, Jia Hui!

Botak head Army boy Bryan came too!!!

And Lue Song!

And me again!!!

Dann and I!!! Happy Apples!!!

Steve was so borded that he was cam-whoring too!

I like the photo above! Absolutely no editing done!

I lent my camera to Lue while I was talking to Yvonne on the phone and my camera came back with these photos. I have no idea what on earth happened. lol


Lue and his usual camwhore photos!
*Cover your pimple!*

And me! I don't know why but I kinda like to do this expression while camwhoring these few days after getting my blue contact lens.

And as usual, showing off my falsies! And blue eye(s) this time round~

OK. That's all folks!

I am very glad and thankful for all who came and even those who did not come in the end due to various reasons. Really hope that all of you enjoyed yourself and get to know other people from other batches too! And congrats to Suya who won during our mini game! hahaha..

Take care everyone!

Have a nice day!

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