Monday, 18 May 2009

Samsung Camera Project

When I was waiting for Dann last Sunday as he had forgotten some stuff and when home to take, I received a call from Jess asking me if I was available to be a showgirl for the latest Samung ST50 Camera as one of the showgirls went MIA. Well... I was supposed to go out with Dann and the some other people you know... So I told Jess that I'll get back to her as soon as possible as I wanted to Dann if it was alright.

While waiting, I had nothing better to do but camwhore. (Wahahahaha)\

Come... see my pretty face! (Or at least pretty to me)

Silly poses. hahahaha...

And I played with color eye shadow again!

I know it can't really be seen in the photo above. So sorry nya~

Well, I used blue eyeshadow on the inner corners and dark brown on outer corners. meow!

After asking Dann and stuff, I then rushed down to meet Jess.

And tada! My uniform for the 3 hours as a "Showgirl" of the ST50 Camera. And yes, that's my Mickey Mouse handbag I got from Hong Kong Disneyland last year. I have no freaking idea why I see quite a number of people carrying that handbag nowadays after such a long time. I went there last October and I only see people carrying it like last month? And I even saw one lady carrying it that day itself when I was giving out the flyers.

Showing off my Samsung "tattoo"!

haha... Jess was like so high and went "haha... now you also have tattoo!" when Pohren, the guy in-charge, painted the "tattoo" on.

And Jess of course!

I was situated at Best Denki and the promoter was like helping me to prepare the flyers and talking to me and stuff so that 2hours plus actually passed pretty fast. hahaha... And he even took photos of me with the new Samsung ST50 Camera, too. I don't have the soft copy but I do have photos of the photo the printed out and is now on display at the camera booth!

I'm not telling you which Best Denki is it. If you do see that photo of mine, please leave me a comment!!! (and not tag please) hahaha... Let's see who's first!

And also, if you did see me on Sunday, leave a comment too! =)

So did you take this flyer from me? ( * ^ - ^ * )

Yeah! End of 3 hours or standing, walking, giving out flyers, work ended!

So here's the last 2 photos of us together, 2 of the Samsung Showgirls of the day!

When changing back to out of our uniform, well, I took more photos when I was in the toilet. =p Just a few, like 5?

I feel that the 2nd photo looks as if I was clubbing or at some club or something. Don't you think so?

So after getting changed out of the "uniform", Jess and I went to get some food and drinks first before we part where I carries on with my original plan for the day and Jess waited for her mom to contact her for Mother's Day dinner. Just imagine how freaking thirsty was I after 3 hours without a single sip of water lah! And ya, speaking of Mother Day's and that day WAS Mother's Day itself, I am not some heartles daugther okay? My sis and I decided to bring our mom for dinner the following so that it wouldn't be SO FREAKING PACKED and filled with people and stuff. Will blog on Mother's Day dinner tomorrow when I reach home after work, I think. =p

So I went down to Orchard to meet up with the guys and was actually shocked to see only Dann, Xiang Min and OZ cause I thought it was supposed to be a casual JMD outing within the alumni. Apparently, many couldn't make it and stuff and Jasmine even injured her knee again so it was cancelled.

We soon decided to go to Liang Court for ramen as we haven't eaten ramen for a super long time. I guess the last time was when we went to celebrate Lue Song's birthday? I don't mean the birthday that just passed like 5 months ago (ya that sickening guy is the youngest by month in our batch!) but the birthday 17 months ago!?

We didn't go to the usual outlet that's further down Clark Quay which I was super happy about it as my legs were breaking already!!! ARGH!

Xiang Min with his usual Char Siew Ramen
(ya I typed chinese han yu pin ying instead of japanese romaji so more people will understand)

OZ already digging in on his spicy tonkatsu ramen with extra additional half boiled egg.

The half boiled eggs there are SUPER GOOD!!! If your ramen does not have egg in it like the Char Siew ramen, it's a MUST to add additional eggs!!!

The plate beside was the fried cheese roll thingy. OZ and Xiang Min shared one portion of it with the fried pork thingy whereas Dann and I shared the fried cheese roll thingy with fried ebi. Yummy~~~ It was my our first time eating that and it's just delicious!

For our share (the one with ebi) it was served with tartar sauce and this below:

hahaha... It's karashi. For those who don't kno what is it, it's another kind of mustard I'll say like wasabi. I can't really describe the taste of it and neither do I like it but my dad loves it! haha... I'm sooooo gonna show my dad this photo and tell my dad,

"See! Your favorite karashi like da bian!"

Dann and tonkatsu ramen with extra noodles.

Well... as for me...

Hiyashi ramen!!!
(Cool ramen)

I didn't really want something soupy so I decided on having hiyashi ramen again. OK. For people who hates veggie stuff, don't even think about ordering this. It's ALL VEGGIE!!!

For me, I LOVE VEGGIE!!! Especially sweet corn!

I was wondering why on earth was there sliced chicken in my ramen that night. Erm...

Hai! Itadakimasu!

A! Oishii~~~!!!

After dinner, we went over to Mac for some drinks and chats

hahaha... Ya. What am I doing by posting that photo up? What am I even thinking?! =p

Showing off my pink nails and blue eyes

I got myself a LARGE (ya, it looks so small) Cameral Frappe after shopping around one of the shops on the 1st level while the guys went to audio house which I didn't wanna follow. I am not really THAT in into those stuff unless I'm intending/planning to get something. Shopping around for clothes, lingerie, cosmetics and checking out the manicure shop there interest me soo soo soo much more!

And ya, I seriously feel that that cup of Frappe was the cause of my food poisoning that day which result in a limited choice of food during dinner the following day. SH*T!

OK. That's all for now.
I've still got stupid lousy work tomorrow.

Have a good night everyone!

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