Monday, 18 May 2009

Mother's Day Celebration!

Yeah! Last Monday after I've seen the doctor and stuff, my sis, Raymond and I brought my mom to Mellben Seafood for dinner as Mother's Day celebration.

Now I finally know where is Mellben Seafood as I had no idea where on earth in Toa Payoh is it located when Brad and Ben were talking about it, discussing whether the food is nice and stuff. Well, I've always know where that shop is and what does it sells but I had no freaking idea it's Mellben Seafood. Silly me~

And ya, I went out without makeup, not even face powder! So ya, you can see some small dot dot dot over my face! ニャ!

*Sorry but I kinda like to ニャ(nya)! these few days*

And this is my hamster sister. Don't you think that she reminds you of a hamster?

Raymond! Oh ya! He just started a food blog and he's gonna post all the photos of food taken with a normal digital camera and not his DSLR. heehee... I don't know what's the address yet.. =p

Due to me kena stupid food poisoning because of that stupid caramel frappe I had the previous night, we had to choose food that I can eat. Sianed. No good good food~

Veggie! Which my sister ate my share of scallop! ROAR~~~

Mongolian Pork Ribs. Not bad but just a little too pepperish for me.

Wasabi Prawns. This is nice~ Worth trying!!!

Just look at it! It's big okay?

美味しい~ (>。<)

We also order the Claypot Crab Bee Hoon which I did not take a close up shot of it as it was placed too far away from me. And yea, Raymond was helping to serve us the bee hoon and crab.

Close-up of my bowl of bee hoon with soup. It's yummy and if you like the real crabby kind of taste, you like LOVE the soup! I like it! However I wasn't able to drink more than that small less than half filled bowl of soup as it has milk in it and it's something that someone who has food poisoning is not allowed to eat. ニャニャ!

My crab claw! Do not think that it's small in size okay~!

It's BIG! Seriously I was quite shocked and stunned when I saw the size of the crab in the claypot when it was being served!

This view isn't enough...

Just LOOK at the meat!!! Oh my goodness lah!!!

My sister with her crab claw. Just SEE for yourself how big it is!!!

See!!! It's like almost half of my face already okay~?! NO JOKE SIA!!!

The crab claw~~~

Munch munch munch... Yes? Cheese~~~

Slurp slurp!

Yeah! I had finished my dinner and washed my hands so I can take photos again! wahahaha

My eating area. So clean right?

My mom's eating area. So dirty and messy! And when I told her that she was like "not dirty not messy that means you haven't eat yet!" Oh well, her logic. lol

Oay. Throughout the whole dinner my mom seemed not to be THAT interested in the claypot crab and kept saying that she like chilli crab more. Beside that, she seemed to be eyeing on something so so so much more.

Durians. (Sorry if I disgust you with a photo of durians)

So my sister bought packets, one for her and Raymond to share and one packet for my mom. My mom kept saying the whole that the food the isn't nice, the durian isn't nice and stuff. But deep down inside I believe my mom said all these because we spent over $100 on dinner (ya, just like that) and $15 on durians. I think and believe that she just doesn't want us to spend so much money.

Oh well, as long as she is happy.

Have you quite realised that throughout the whole post you haven't seen a single photo of my mom? hahaha...

Happy Mother's Day Mi~

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