Friday, 8 May 2009

Coke. Oh my Coke!!!

I seriously think and feel that my mom has something against me and coke.

She throw away my coke can collection once when I was asleep a few years back and I ended up waking up in shock and rushed to the rubbish dump to pick them back. Ya I know I'm crazy and like Ewwwww~~~ Disgusting!!! There were cockroaches crawling all over my hands when I was searching for my thrown away coke cans then. She threw away some limited edition ones.

And a year later, she threw my coke cans again when I was in school. I didn't get to know about it until a few weeks later where she "suddenly" remember that she forgot to tell me that she threw away "some". By the time I checked my coke can collection, I was left with less than 10 of them including bottles with only 2 limited edition ones and 3 korean cans 1 short height can and a few more more normal ones. And guess how many cans did I had initially.

about 70 cans.

I once took all of them out to take photos of them and got super tired cause I had like 70 cans NOT INCLUDING bottles.

I stopped my collection cause my mom said that she will throw away everything if I were to buy a single can more. However, she threw almost all even though I stopped buying. What the~

And today I came home with one new lime green coke cup that I got from Mac and told my sister about it. I forgot how (even though it's less than an hour ago) did my mom brought up the olympics coke up that was given out last year at Mac and guess what. She sold my cups to Cash Converter almost a year ago! What the freak lah!

The last time I saw my cups was like around last July? I had 2 complete sets of the olympics coke cup sets, unopened, all in the boxes and kept properly in my mom's cardboard. And when I just got to know about it less then an hour ago, I quickly checked all the remaining cups. They are ALL out of their boxes and guess what. My mom sold some of the other sports' cups together with 2 of my basketball cups. I have alot of the archery one but I only had 2 basketball cups!!! So there goes!!! I'm left with like 6 cups with no basketball at all!!!



I'm like super mad, angry, pissed off, upset and sad right now!

I was so happy with my new lime green coke cup and now super angry and sad that my mom sold my coke cups without asking or even saying for the past 10 months or so and I don't even have 1 complete sets now with all my coke cups out of their box!!!


She said that she " will keep them properly" for me!

She said that!

FREAK this is her way of keeping for me! FREAK!!!

FREAK she has to do such stuff to my coke stuff!!!!!

And to make things worst every single time, she will never ever admit that she's in the wrong for throwing/selling other people's things without their consent and not even informing them!!!!!


How I wish I am really staying with my dad!!!



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