Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Internet's Back!!!

Hurray hurray hurray!!!

Finally the Internet at home is fixed! Ok. Fixed isn't the correct word. Finally the people from Singtel came to give us our new modem this afternoon and Raymond had fixed it up already! Hurray!!! It just feels soooooooo good to have Internet back at home! Now I don't have to copy my photos to my thumb drive and upload them in office or try uploading them by one way or another and then blog when I'm in office with my uploaded photos! What more could be better than this sia~!

OK. Blog blog blog...

My blog posts on my short holiday and Toni & Guy's hair show will have to wait a little more as I wanna get photos from Steve for the holiday and Jess for the hair show first before blogging about them. So right now, I'm just gonna blog about this weird invitation yesterday.

Yesterday, I received an sms from a guy, I can't really count him in as my friend as we aren't friends. I worked for him for an event before and met him only 3 times and that's all about it. This guy smsed me and asked me if I would like to join he and his friends for holiday to Malaysia for 3 days and I don't have to pay a single cent as he's gonna pay for everything. He said in the sms that I "just have to go". Like what the... I did not reply him immediately as I thought that he may be having some event and wanting me to go? Maybe? Though not quite possible... So I smsed Jess who also worked for that same event for him, too, to see if she had received the same sms. Well... the answer is No. We both feel that this guy is weird so Jess asked me to ask him exactly what is it about. And this was rest of the conversation.

Like please lah... Who on earth with the right will go sia~! Don't even really really know him lor~ Later he caught me go and sell how?! Go with his friends, who sia?! Ah Beng Ah Lian how? CRAZY AR! Go there relax... How can I relax sia~ Wanna relax I mind as well relax on Dann's bed. So comfy, so big, so soft, then huggy my Didi (Bear cushion) and watch tv, surf net?!

I don't know how to describe how I was feeling then but I was a little bit irritated ba... I wanna get it super straight into his mind that I will NOT go with him and make it SUPER DUPER UPER clear that I HAVE A BOYFRIEND ALREADY!!! I wanna make it soooooo clear that I type the full Boyfriend word lor~ No short forms, no abbreviations! And really lah, thanks what sia~

And seriously lah... no need to pay for my holiday... PAY FOR MY WORK DURING THE EVENT BA!!! Jess and I worked FOR FREE lor~ Wanna pay, pay that lah! HUMP!

Today I went to the Sheng Shiong near my office after lunch to buy chocolate and I was shocked when I got my receipt.

I was like "I buy a $1.30 chocolate why on earth my receipt SO LONG?!" And after I took a closer look it was because half of it was for lucky draw. hahaha... I will drop it in tomorrow ba! Don't even know what's the prize lor~ =P

After work, I went down to Orchard to see Dann. That sick boy... (I mean literally) Well, I'm happy that he's finally saying that he's hungry. hahaha... Still remember how he was when we went to see doctor last week. tsk tsk tsk~

After dropping by just a little short while, I went to Far East Plaza to take a look at the yukata Jo was telling me about yesterday when we met when I went down and got an apple for Dann. I was really super duper tempted to get one of the yukata but I didn't buy it in the end cause I hardly get the chance to wear it.

But I did get some stuff from Watsons. hahaha.... I did say before that I seriously shop at Watsons ones lor~ And I super wish that Singpore's Watson will have a membership thingy to earn points lah~ I am so gonna earn alot of points if they have it lah!!!

I got the things which I wanted to get for days already

Rose scent wet tissues!!! I always get 2 packs which is a total of 6 packs everytime I buy cause they get out of stock super fast lah!

I also got myself some other things!

ZA's makeup base

ZA's new mascara

I was counting and thinking what did I buy today when I was on my way home after that cause there was $4 missing from my wallet. And after around 10 mins of deep thought, I finally remember what did I buy and that was where my $4 went to.

My new brush for my eyeliner that I got from SASA before I went to find Dann as he was busy at the counter so I went to get my brush first.

And with that thought, I was again angry with the horrible service at SASA. Seriously, I feel that all staff of SASA in Singapore (or rather from all the outlets I went to in Singapore) they serve people from their outlook. As I was in my office wear today, not dolled up, don't look so good and stuff, they serve me like sh*t! I always go to the outlet at Wisma and the service they give people is really base of the customers outlook. I can go there dressed like today, not much makeup, not wearing super nice clothes, not wearing my heels, and they treat me like sh*t like today or even worst even though there may not be any other customers around but serve me so good so good here promote there promote help this help that when I doll up, wear pretty clothes, wear my pretty heels! And seriously, I really mean it when they really help you when you dress up.

Once I was looking for lash glue and I could only find one brand of lash glue that I know isn't the one Fidel is using. I wanted to get the one she is using to try but I just couldn't find it. So I ask the sales and her reply was "it's all there." There there there, there your head lah! Cannot find then ask you mah! You think I like to come and ask and face your sour face meh?! So after that, I gave up and just left the shop. But I did try again but that time I was dressed nicer. I didn't even have to ask but the sales will just come over and help me. I asked if that was the only eyelash glue and she was telling all about the other lash glue and evening asking me if I was looking for glue for strip of individual lashes, black glue or transparent glur. Like what the... same outlet lor~! And this isn't the only 2/3 times lah~ I've been buying makeup brushes from there like weeks, I'll buy one a week or so whenever I drop by to find Dann. (Just suddenly like buying makeup brushses) And it really IS like that lor~ hai... These people ar~ Hate people who judge people just by their outlooks. So what if people are dressed not so nicely or even terribly? You still have to serve them like you do to everyone else isn't it? Or maybe it's really how my working enviornment is like at Swensen's. We treat everyone the same. And after working there for 3 years, I've got to learn that people know dress nicely or not doesn't really matters. You like the person then serve better, oh that's good, that's fine. You don't like the person you serve badly, you'll never know what deep sh*t you may get yourself into.

OK. Another thing I bought recently

2 boxes of falsies

I got them for $32 (Buy 1 Get 1 Free) at Far East Plaza during my shopping there last week. I used the falsies of the box on the right of the photo of it is posted 3 posts before this.

I also got myself a new paif of Mondo pumps but I'm too lazy to go downstairs to take photo of it. lol...

Ok. That's gonna be all for now.

Tiggo and I are going to go orh orh liao~

I photoshopped eyelashes and a little eyeliner effect into the photo above.

Good night everyone!



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