Saturday, 4 April 2009

Slim Trix


This afternoon I went over to my sis's room before leaving the house to meet Dann and my sister was like "What happened to you?! Why you look so thin?! Your neck! It looks... thin!!!"

At first I thought that I may just get thinner a bit as I'm sick and have not been eating for the past 2 days. However, when I started camwhoring on the bus on my way the mrt station, I was shocked!

LOOK!!! That's me without any photoshop done!!!

I was like "Oh my goodness! That's like the photoshopped me lah!" My face is like smaller, sharper and stuff!

And ya... I was playing solitare on my mobile on my way too... It's like my best entertainment ever since I got this phone!

And like I said, I camwhored!!!

I was snapping photos like nobody's business!!!

Cause you know why?

I don't have the need to photoshop anyone of them to make myself slimmer in the photos AT ALL!!!

Wahahaha!!! Super happy!!! Though I know it isn't a good thing.

So yup I continued camwhoring while playing solitare on my phone

All the way till I reached the mrt station

While I stopped camwhoring but still played solitare though... =p



Oh ya... I know that I am still sick and should by right stay home and rest

But how well will I get if I just stay in my own room filled with germs?!

So coming out is a better choice!!!

Say I'm naughty, whatever!



I got this bling bear near the mrt station. I'm actually thinking of hanging it on my camera but I am afraid that it might scretch my camera on a second thought. So... where should I hang it? hmm...

So after I met Dann, we went to Novena for a while. Did a little shopping around Velocity and Square 2.

That's me testing out the new headphones that Dann just got from Square 2.

It's SUPER DUPER UPER GOOD LAH!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! It's so good that when Dann kept his headphones I was like feeling a bit bit sad and was giving that pityful wide watery-eyed cat face and looking at him. Meow~

Next we went to Bugis and the first stop was the new shopping centre! Don't know what's the name of it. blah blah blah ahahahaha....

It's like the 2nd Saturday I'm there at Bugis. Last week for the hair show and this week just for shopping. And soon, I'll be there again... Getting sian already~ It's like the third time I'm there in just 2 weeks' time lah!

Anyway, so we went to take a look at the arcade first and we saw this little boy playing the stack the box game. Not very sure of the actual name of the game but hope you understand what am I saying. He won himself a ipod shuffle already lor~ He's gooooood~~~~~ hahaha... And I saw this pityful helpless pooh and eeyore in a ufo catcher machine

See they so ke lian~~~ *help me help me*

Legs still dangling in the air~! *save me save me*

We met Merloin there at the shopping centre too before Merloin went to play his arcade game while Dann and I went walking around Bugis Junction while waiting.

Next, we head down (or rather up?) to Douby Ghaut, Plaza Singapura where I finally had my ice cream that I wanted to eat lots for the whole entire day! Yes I know that I am sick but I WANNA EAT!!! A missy once told me, "just eat whatever that makes you happy." Heehee...

So we went to Swensen's for ice cream where OZ, Celeste, Gerry and Ezzat joined too! I had a Hazel Daze Sundae which I didn't finish. =p Was too full already... hahaha...

After ice cream we went to one of our favourite food court for dinner followed by pool!

And camwhore started again!!!




That's Gerry and Merloin! The ca-cengs!!!

And the pata pon fever is back!

And the last photo to end this post.

Good night everyone!
Drink more water!

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