Sunday, 5 April 2009

Nobody Craze

OK. Nowadays you can hear this song almost anywhere everywhere I go to!

Nobody by Wonder Girls!!!

Here's the original music video of this song.

I've been spending my whole day in bed watching videos on wonder girls, nobody and dance tutorials and stuff.

Here's a group of girls (or rather ladies) dancing to Nobody. I feel that they are quite pro lor~ Unlike many many thousands (or even millions) of other spoofs on YouTube!

Here's a video of the disco version of this song which I seriously like it much much more better than the original be it the song or dance.

The only spoof I can find online with people dancing the disco version.

And the best video I've seen so far for the song,

Tango and Disco!

I've also watched quite a few episodes of 娱乐百分百 today and I was having quite a hard time watching cause I just couldn't stop laughing, HARD!

Jolin's 粉丝同乐会

Part 1

Part 2


Part 4

Part 5

OK. That's gonna be all for now.
Still sick and just wanna keep resting and resting.
Take care everyone!

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