Friday, 17 April 2009

Dozing off~~~

Hi there everyone! Ok. This post is totally meaningless. The whole purpose of this post is to keep myself awake at work. I'm like super sleepy, or should I say super sleepy cause it's super boring here. Ya I do have things to do and (some what) free access to the internet but doing the same old stuff every single day is such a bore. I was like so bored that I did lame quizzes on facebook but I stopped ever sinced Wednesday cause I saw that idiot bloody freaking doll's face as one of a quiz's picture. So to prevent myself from seeing that freaking doll again, I stopped doing those quizzes.

I do "play" my facebook games like I'll check my Friends for sales just to collect money, go to Owned to collect money too. I'll check my Fashion wars to see if any of my friends have accepted my invitation and so for Vampire wars. I'll also check my Pet Society to collect money too and keep my Restaurant City running to earn money and experience points. And since I'm SOOOO bored, I shall show you some screen shots. wahahaha...

So my everyday's routine on Facebook is

1. Friends for Sale

Just began to start to buy people again yesterday.

2. Owned!

My photos on sale. Owned them if you can find them and of course, afford them.

3. Wars

I'll check my Fashion wars first followed by Vampire wars.

4. Pet Society

My living room is super messy. Haven't got the mood to rearrange stuff nicely. Shall do that when I have more stuff. And look! Miffy loves apples too~! She will bug me for apples everytime she's hungry.

5. Restaurant City

Just started out playing this game about a week. So I'll leave the game running while I do my other things. I did not cheat to get that level in such a short time. And if I didn't buy the 2 arcade machine and juke box and speakers, I would be having 30000+ coins! Oh well! I'm able to earn them back very fast WITHOUT CHEATING!

And now I would like to share with you my dinner on Wednesday.

TADA!!! My sushi set!

I went down to find Dann after work that evening for a short while and Dann got me this sushi set for dinner! yum yum~ OK. They don't look as nice when I got home because I was squeezing with inconsiderate people on the bus. Argh~

OK. That's gonna be all for now.
Shall get back to work.

Have a nice day ahead everyone!

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