Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Movies Reviews!

I've been watching lots and lots of movie ever sinced like 22 months ago *ahem* and I've watched so many movies recently that i myself don't really remember what I've watched and what not. However, if you were to ask me if I've watched so and so, I can tell you a definite yes or no. Now I'm gonna post up reviews of the movies that I've watched this year and left out blogging about it. Seriously, I had to go to the extend to take out my card holder and look into every single one of the movie tickets' tab I'm left with in my card holder to be able to recall the movies that I've watched!

Just look at my exploding card holder!

And all the tickets' tabs in it!

That's a serious pile of tickets' tabs! And to think that I used to make a note book on every 100th day after Dann and I were together. Those note books were like my card holder too!!! They are all like half the "height" lah! And as you can see, we are loyal customers of Cathay! hahaha...

OK. Movies not in sequence of viewed but I'll try. Starting from the one watched the earliest to latest.

I must say that the only reason I wanted to watch it was because of the trailer. I was totally deceived by all the funny stuff in the trailer, thinking that it's gonna be a super funny movie where I'll laugh my head off but in the end, I only laughed at the part where Mark Lee acted as a Thai. CRAP MOVIE! And the old joke from Money No Enough 2, rubbish. NOT FUNNY ALREADY!!! LAME!!!

Rated: 1/2 Star!
1/2 Star for the Mark Lee part only!

A lovely movie. Super funny! And seriously, it made me wonder what would happen if my best friend and I are to have our weddings on the same day, same place too. hahaha... This movie is really worth watching!

Rated: 4 Stars! *bling*

I've always love the 1999's movie. It's super duper funny and even till now I'll still laugh when I watch it even though i've watched it soooo many times that I even forgot how many times is that. This 2009 version isn't THAT funny but still alright. To certain extend, it is a little boring and confusing, too. However, I still laughed over the same old joke 10 years ago, the taxi driver old joke. hahaha... I still laughed even though it's been 10 whole years.

Rated: 3 Stars! =)

Though I heard that it is a B grade old, I find it not bad. The fighting scenes are good cause no matter what the director is the one of Lord of the Rings. Graphics are not bad but the storyline isn't really that fantastic.

Rated: 3 1/2 stars!
(Can't comment much cos I don't really remember alot now)

Another bloody movie. I like the graphics but am not really able to fully understand what's going on as I am not used to the America comic's style of flow. I love the fighting scenes though they are all mostly very bloody. I love the character Rorschach the most though he has some serious mental problem. I love the way he stand for what he wants, what he feels right but am seriously sad when he decided to just die at the end of the movie. And ya, DON'T LIKE THE ENDING!!! What the...

*Oh! I saw someone cosplaying as Rorschach at The Cathay when Dann and I went to watch Dragonball. Freaked me out alittle though cos I didn't realise that that person was there till he was right behind me.*

Rated: 4 Stars!!!

The movie was good for whatever that I've watched as I fell asleep halfway. Not that the movie is bad, is boring but it's really all my fault as I was super tired that day because it was my first day of attachment and I woked up super early. When the DVD is out, i'll buy it a watch it full.

No ratings cause I didn't finish the movie.

Great movie! I love the whole storyline, the graphics, the characters etc etc etc. However, I feel that the story can be further developed BUT that would then make the movie too long.

Rated: 4 Stars!

Dragon dragon, it's dragonball!!! It isnt a funny movie but sure made me alugh alot inthe cinema. The storyline is a cut-short version from the manga/anime but isn't shortened too much that things don't flow well. I love the effects and I can still remember super clearly how Chow You Fat did kame hame ha!

Rated: 3 1/2 Stars!

The mice is cute, the rats are scary. The soup seems yummy, but the story is kinda sucky. =)

Rated: 2 1/2 Stars.

I really love this movie and this movie kinda reminded me not to spend too much though of course, as compared to the main character I am NOTHING. The movie is funny, very enjoyable and teaches great values at the same time. it's sure one movie that I'll buy the DVD to keep and watch it over and over again and again!

Rated: 5 Stars!!!

I only have 5 words to say. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! SO CUTE!!!!!! All the doggies are so cute so cute so cute but of course, this kind of movies always have the sad and touching part which I almost cried. ='( No matter what, I still like this movie! And during credits, there's one dog that look like Shane lor~ Soon soon~~~

(For your information, Shane is my dad's dog)

Rated: 3 1/2 Stars! *bling bling!*

Boring, bo liao movie. It started out not bad but it gets more and more boring and dull as the movie goes on. (-_-)zzz

Rated: 1 Star.

This is the first movie I've watched with Jackie Chan starring in it and he doesn't fight. He isn't really the good guy in this movie either. The movie overall is not bad. It really shows how is it like for Chinese to be in Japan in the past old days. However, there are quite a number of disturbing scenes too where I did not look at and just played with Tizzu which I brought along that night out. And seriously, Daniel Wu looks scary, feels scary and reminded me constantly of the Joker from Batman. eeeeeee~~~~~~~

Rated: 4 Stars

LOL!!! This movie is super duper funny and serious worth watching! It may start out quite dull but it really builds up and give you a HUGE laugh at the climax!

Rated: 5 Stars!!! *wuhu!*

Just watched this last night after work and it's really very very funny!!! Though the ending and story and stuff is quite predictable but all the cute stuff just makes you wanna just enjoy the movie and not think so much!


How on earth can you not feel that it's cute which make you enjoy the movie even better huh?!

Rated: 4 Stars

OK. That's all for now. I think I didn't miss out any, did I? All images in this post is grabbed from various website that I can find through Google and all these reviews are just my own personally opinion.

Have a nice day everyone!

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