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Toni & Guy Hairshow
28 March 2009, Saturday


Finally! I've finished selecting and done some editing to all selected photos! Just finished my editing as watching my lovely juniors practise. So yup! Blogging now in school, this post that has been delayed for a long long time.

Firstly before the hairshow day proper, we had to go down to Toni & Guy Academy for our hair cut and stuff.

This is Jess and yes I brought her along as another model.

We arrived at Bugis that day and was totally lost and couldn't find our way to the academy as the map given on the postcard isn't very clear for directions.

Jess waited as our hairstylist dyed my hair first before deciding what to do to Jess's hair.

And yes. I look dumb when he seperated my hair into parts for preperation to dye my hair.

And yup! All our hair services were being done by Toni & Guy.

Yeah~ Got my hair dyed. It came just the right time cause my black roots are all out already.

And Ign called, "Hello~"

And the UFO is here. Teh~~~~~ teh teh teh~~~~

Jess even fell asleep while waiting for me.

And after 2 hours' time,

TADA!!! My hair's all dyed!!!
SEE!!! No more ugly black roots!

And it's soon Jess's turn!!!

The teacher helped in giving suggestions to how to cut Jess's hair

Our hairstylist, Hartono, discussing with Jess on the haircut

And bye bye to Jess's long hair~


AH~~!!! Gone!!!

So how is it?"

And after 5 hours there, we're all done!


On the actual day, Jess and I arrived at Toni & Guy Academy at around 11.30am with our breakfast.

Those were our naked face before all the makeup and stuff.

OK. This photo looks creepy but the main focus should be on the lights and floor and not my behead-like head.

And here's us camwhoring while waiting for Hartono to get ready all his stuff.

The box with all the hair pins and etc prepared before hand used for long hair dressing.

Please Tidy Up The Box Before Returning

The start of Jess's hairdo!

While waiting...

Here's the other models for Hartono which I have no idea where that 2 girls sitting on the other side went as they went missing and never came back for the show.

Some other models for other hairstylist.

Some offical photographers for this graduation hair show

Process of Jess's hairdo

Back view when it's halfway done

Seriously girl, what with the face?

And after about an hour, Jess's hairdo was done!

Take photo above was taken by Jess's primary classmate which we met there that day itself.

And it's my turn for my hairdo!


It's Jess's time for makeup!

After about an hour, my hairdo was done too!!!

Jess in the middle of her makeup and me about to get my makeup done

My turn for makeup!

My makeup when it was halfway done

This is Jess and her makeup artist

Jess's makeup's reference

Other models' hairdo process

Jess and her primary schoolmate

Jess and I with my makeup half done

Jess and Jess in the mirror

Trix and Trix in the mirror

Through out the whole process, the whole day, the photographers and videoman just keep snapping photo randomly every second.

Some shots out of the academy

We got to some people too and here's Ikka! (Sorry, I don't know how to spell her name to I typed by Japanese pronouciation)

Jess at lunch

It was like so weird once we stepped out of the academy cause evryone was staring at us like aliens of something! lol

In Bugis Junction's toilet

Toilet back at the acdemy

And here's us in costumes!

And ME!!!

Jess playing with the balloons

And yes, just to remind you again, all these hair services, everything, is all sponsored by Toni & Guy Academy!

The decor

Fairy Jess

Fairy Trix

The 2nd photo above is taken by Micheal whom was another model for another hairstylist

Jess and her primary school classmate all in costume and with makeup and everything done!

Random shot of the people around

Last minute touch-up for everyone's hair and makeup

Including me to get my makeup done fully

My makeup reference

And me with my makeup fully done!

So how do you feel? Which model carries the makeup better? =X

I felt a little weird as it seemed like I didn't have eyelashes so I photoshopped a photo for you compare.

Before and After.
I overdid the eyelashes on purpose.

Trix and another model

(Emilia or something? So sorry I forgot her name)

Jess and the model

Me after getting my hair touch-up done

I just love big flowers on hairdo! I have a fetish for that...

And here's my makeup artist and I

And yes, Jess and I wouldn't have such pretty hairdos if is wasn't for our hairstylist

Hartono and I

Before the show started, we went outside for some phototaking with Micheal

Micheal's clown shoes throug Jess's camera

And through my camera

Micheal and Jess through Jess's camera

And through my camera

Seriously, Micheal actually looks quite cute without the clown makeup. This guy is quite funny. He actually recognised me by my hair and not my face cause when we first met in the toilet, he was standing behind of me and looking at my hairdo! lol

Camwhore outside the academy

Back in the academy

Micheal, Trix and Jess

The clowns

Fairy Trix and the clowns

We met a manicurist and we gave us some small items that he made himself and lucky Jess got his own hand-painted nails earrings!

They look super pretty lah! Maybe I shall consider finding him when I wanna get some pretty nail art manicure.

Some photos with other models

We got bored again so we went out for more photo taking

Here's crazy Ikka falling in love with the lamp post

Fairies Jess and Trix

Photo taken by one model's girlfriend

Four faires and one clown

Balloons outside the academy

We're back in the academy where we waited in a room before the hairshow started

Emo clown spotted

Mirror images

My makeup

My hairdo

Jess totally love her back that day

Jess and the clowns

Playing with the mask Jess brought

Hartono's team for the night

The ladies

The tickets for this hair show

I was given 2 tickets which I gave to Dann.

And here's the photos taken by Dann at the hairshow

During the hairshow

And here's me right after the hairshow

And one last group photo

All for the last time,

See you next time!

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